4 Week Workout Plan For Weight Loss – Weekly Workout Plan

4 Week Workout Plan For Weight Loss - Weekly Workout Plan
4 Weeks Workout Plan For Weight Loss - Weekly Workout Plan

Many people face problems of over-weight and belly fat, so to overcome this problem, they need to undergo various workout plans. The workout plans are made on the deemed and requirements of the people. Workout plans are made on a weekly basis. Each day has a different workout and diet schedule. Today everyone is searching for the best weekly workout plan for weight loss online. The main thing is to develop self-motivation. With the help of motivation, people can quickly reduce their weight even just in 4-week workout plan for weight loss.

Weekly-basis workout plan: must follow

4 Weeks Workout Plan For Weight Loss - Weekly Workout Plan

It’s a weekly basis plan which a person needs to follow to reduce weight quickly in 4 weeks and get results fast. So the best workout plan for weight loss is that you need to follow the weekly schedule for four weeks continuously. Sunday is treated like the rest day – but it can be any other day which you like. So it means that you need to follow the plan six days a week for a month – it is just simple as that. Here is the weight loss plan:

Monday: Shoulder day

This day means a fresh start-up a day of the week. So start your week by exercising one of the most crucial parts of the body – surprisingly your shoulders. Shoulders help you move and manipulate with your arms in every upper body exercises and because of that, it is crucial. You will slowly start to develop your core strength in this weekly plan for weight loss. These exercises should be performed with expertise skills because they may cause a problem in the lower part of your back and backbone. It helps you to reduce the belly fat in the end and helps in reducing the weight (because in most of the shoulder exercises you use your core muscles too).

Tuesday: Back day

4 Weeks Workout Plan For Weight Loss - Weekly Workout Plan

After working on shoulders, the next day comes up with back exercises. It includes the activities related to the backside of our body. They can include several compounds lifts like deadlifts, t-bar, and bend over rows. It helps in making our back straight and stronger. Overall, it helps in developing overall body structure. The good benefit of doing back workout is that you will stand and walk more straight and you will look taller and more confident which you will benefit in real life.

Wednesday: Leg day

The most crucial part of the body is legs. So working on legs makes the legs stronger. Having strong legs leads to make the whole body fit and healthy. Leg exercise includes squats, sumo-squats, and leg press. It helps in activating metabolism and legs day help in burning lots of calories. Having strong legs means having a good body physique. And you just can’t skip your leg day (this is the truth especially for men)! And now you are in the middle of your weekly workout plan for weight loss – good work, keep going!

Thursday: Arm day

On this day you will focus on your arms which help in overall look enhancement. It helps in making biceps and triceps reliable. Arms play an essential role in the functioning of the day. Many people face an obesity problem because of their massive and bulky arms. Ladies shouldn’t skip this day – even if your arms are too weak don’t skip your arm day. You can do many down-scaled exercises like a reverse jumping pull-up or its alternatives.

Friday: Chest day

4 Weeks Workout Plan For Weight Loss - Weekly Workout Plan

The weekends begin with chest day. Having a right and proper chest muscles improve our overall confidence, muscle equality, and beauty. The chest exercises help in reducing the belly fat – you train your abdominals together with your chest muscles in many exercises e.g.: benchpress, dumbbell press, and etc.. In some cases big chest implies in the stronger body looks (in man’s case). In the woman’s case, the chest workout can shape your breast and make them look nicer and more natural-shaped. With a better chest comes bigger confidence.

Saturday: Cardio

In this 4-week workout plan for weight loss, the last day is focused on cardio training. And here you can decide which part of your body you want to improve and shape the most. Because everyone has a different body type and needs. Women mostly focus on the leg and butt parts and on the other sides men usually chose the biceps and chest parts. Always try to find a way that you really enjoy. On this cardio Saturday you can do running, swimming, stationary bike, air bike, rowing, aerobics, or any cardio exercise which you may like or wanted to try. This day is considered to be something like a free day but active. Because after performing five days of heavy exercise, the body needs some changes and relaxation. Therefore, with the help of cardio, you can burn an extra amount of fats and calories.

Take away:

Keep in your mind, that this was only the first week and you have 3 more weeks before you can start to analyze and observe an improvement. The hardest part of losing weight just in 4 weeks is to stay focused on your long term goal. It is not about losing weight it is about enjoying the way and changing your life to be more active and positive for you.

Please, don’t forget that the weekly workout plan should have only around 20-30% of your focus. Another 50-60% is your diet and what you eat. The rest is your psychical mood and stress management skills. You have to learn to control every aspect of the mentioned skills to succeed on your path to better yourself.