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Hey, my name is Mike and I am a nice and easy-going guy (at least others said that) and this my website uFroo.com. I am in my 30s years and working in the IT sector. Let’s move, this is just enough about me and we can jump right into why you are reading this text. I strongly hope it is because you would like to know about what is the motivation and purpose of this website.

So, welcome to my website uFroo.com where I will bring you as much information as possible. Now, you can think information about what? About the most interesting topics, which are in my opinion:

  • Health – because this is the most important thing which we have in this world.
  • Fitness – is correlated to health and I can’t skip it for sure.
  • Weight Loss – with this topic nobody can go wrong.
  • Food & Diets – I am food-addicted! Prepare yourself for plenty of juicy images.
  • Stress Management (this is one of the most important topics nowadays).
  • A little bit about Fashion & Beauty Tips (which probably my girlfriend wrote).


Firstly, Health is so big and general topic so there could be time-to-time very difficult to pick the right topic. But we will fine-tune it as the time will go. For example, health care is one of the topics which can be discussed. As you probably know sometime just simple trick can save your day from headache. So be prepared for quick simple health tip and tricks how to make your life easier. We won’t bother with time-consuming methods or hi-science medicine.


Secondly, Fitness – as far as I am the IT guy I like fitness in general. I enjoy every single time when I can go out and do anything from hiking, running or slow jogging, CrossFit in my local gym, or just a walk with my girlfriend. So I am sure this is one of my main topic which I will write about. Because of all of my indoor and outdoor activities I can recommend you a sport cloth and my favorite brands – you may like it or hate it. But I have proven them and mostly I am happy with what I use – anyhow I can give you my honest reviews for those particular products.

Weight Loss

Next topic about you can read at uFroo.com is Weight Loss (this is really the topic which I am looking forward to writing about). During my high school and university, I was really fat and not-so-agile as I am nowadays. I can “proudly”, say, that I have first-person hands-on experience. To be honest with you – all is just about your head and habits. If you would like to lose a weight you have to go out and do the workouts and sweat! Nobody will do that for you and be sure there isn’t any instant method be in shape – only the time and willingness to do something with you. Let’s move to the next topic.

Food and Diets

To be completely honest with you, I am not a fan of Diet but I am definitely a fan of every good Food! Viva Foodies! Ok, this is more about food than diets (or I would like that it would be). Further, my girlfriend will help me with this topic, because it is so hard to write about food and not to eat something! Pssst – I think you are sweet-tooth like I am. I know you are and because of that, we can focus a little bit about what we can taste in this world and most importantly where we can get it!

Stress Management

Oh god, this is so underestimated topic which is increasing popularity nowadays. As you remember I am an IT guy – so you can imagine how much stress I have to handle. I won’t be able to do that without my special tips and tricks which I will happily share with you. Then you will be able to focus on your deadline and be productive more than to stress about it. Stress Management techniques can be described in many ways. Even jokes, fun, and memes are considered to be stress management methods, but you have to have them under your control or you will just procrastinate! And that is totally opposite that you wanted. Don’t worry I will introduce you to some of my secrets.

Fashion & Beauty Tips

Lastly, Fashion & Beauty Tips will be the focus area of my girlfriend and her friends. To be honest I have no idea what will be in these sections. Probably some make-ups tricks, hairstyles, fashion products & trending clothes which you have to have if you don’t want to be out.


I am sure, that there will be many of other topics to write about but I am not confident yet what they will be about and because of that I won’t promise you anything. It will depend on you what you will like the most and which content you will enjoy. One thing which I know for sure is the format of the posts: the format of posts will be mostly the same I (or one of my friends) will write a short article about an interesting, trending, hot, and cool topic and then there will be a few images which will support the articles. Then I will be able to please both visitors – readers & visually perceiving people.

So in this last paragraph, I just want to wish you have a great time and enjoy every single post which you will read. Don’t forget to bookmark or remember uFroo.com website!

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Thank you for reading and wish you a great day.

Mike & friends @ uFroo.com