Atkins vs Keto – Similarities And Differences in Diet Plans

Atkins vs Keto - Similarities And Differences in Diet Plans

What all you should know about Atkins vs Ketogenic diet before you choose to follow one?

Health and fitness are a need in our lives, especially in this busy life full of stress and difficult life situations. There are is a plethora of ways in which people can become a bit more healthy and aware of their bodies. The best way to improve our health is to bring a change in our lifestyle. The food we take, the time at which we eat it and the amount in which we consume are important factors that shape our body and mind functioning. It is said that the food we consume tends to influence the thoughts we have and how we feel throughout the day.

Therefore, choosing our food wisely can be crucial for us. Experts in diet and fitness pay attention to the low consumption of carbohydrates in our everyday diet. The reduction in carbohydrates in our body brings out a significant change in our health and therefore it is significantly recommended by the dieticians. There are two most effective diet plans which involve minimal intake of carbohydrates. Atkins vs keto diets can be discussed on the basis of the amount of carbohydrate taken and the timing at which the food should be consumed. Atkins vs ketogenic diet comparison should definitely be taken into consideration before you choose one of them.

What Do Have Atkins And Keto Diet In Common?

Atkins vs keto is a hot topic in the fitness world these days. First things first, what is the meaning of Keto or Atkins. Generally speaking, both of these diets are meant to bring weight loss in your body and exhaust out the extra carbs present in your body. While following both the diets, you will realize the low intake of foods such as sugar, grains, bread, potatoes, and most of the fruits as well. You need to make sure only healthy fat sources enter your body. The detailed description of both these diets is mentioned below so that you are able to make better health decisions for yourself.

Smoothie for a keto breakfast

Keto Dietary Plan

Starting with the Keto diet, this diet makes you focus your consumption on more and more fats that are healthy, some protein that in a specific amount, and low intake of carbs. The carb level, as mentioned above, has to be the lowest. To help you understand better, we have also prepared a percentage in which you should be consuming these macronutrients:

Compounds od the entire diet should be the following:

  • Around 70 to 80% of the amount should be covered by the fats.
  • Around 20 to 25% should come from proteins.
  • Not more than 5 to 10% are carbohydrates.

If looked closely, the energy that our body uses to perform tasks comes from the carbohydrates that are stored inside us. The body always relies on the carbs present in our body so that it can perform. Keto diet reduces these carbs so that the body can use the stored fats to function properly. This way, the body is able to burn out the fats and bring out a healthier version of us. The state in which the body burns fat and produces energy molecules is called ketosis. The energy molecules that are generated by burning fats are called ketones. There are some foods that can be eaten and which contain carbohydrates such as green or leafy vegetables and some fruits. The rest of the food is not allowed in the Keto diet.

The ketosis makes the body produce less hormone insulin and therefore we don’t crave sweets. Along with the ketosis, the body doesn’t feel hungry, doesn’t suffer from cravings, neither face to a bad mood. On the contrary, the body is full of energy and brain work perfectly. The ketosis itself contributes to the detoxification of the body while the toxic things are burned and excluded out of the body. Ketosis comes after 2-3 days after starting to keep the ketogenic diet.

Types of Keto diets:

  • The standard:

This is the basic type of Keto diet and involves all the conventional Keto foods which help in reducing weight, blood sugar levels, etc.

  • Cyclical:

This is the Keto diet that has been developed especially for athletes and bodybuilders. This diet involves even less consumption of carbohydrates along with intense workout as well.

  • Targeted:

The targeted Keto diet revolves around eating a specified amount of carbs sometime before or after the workout.

The Atkins Dietary Plan

Atkins diet allows you the consumption of macronutrients in the same amount as in the Keto diet. The carbs in this plan are kept minimal and proteins can be consumed in a normal amount. The fats should be in the highest proportion. This diet has its own versions and has been into evolution since its initiation. The most recent version of the Atkins diet that is being followed is Atkins 20.

Atkins vs Keto - Similarities And Differences in Diet Plans

The basic difference between its various versions is the plan that the consumer has to follow. According to Atkins experts, the latest diet can be followed in a total of four phases which are differentiated on the basis of the amount of carb present in the diet. The four phases of the Atkins diet are divided into phases and mentioned below:

  • Phase 1: This is considered to be the most restrictive phase as it allows only 20 to 25 grams of carbohydrates every day. This percentage has to be maintained until the bodyweight of the consumer is just 15 pounds (approx 7kg) away from the perfect weight for the person.

  • Phase 2: The second phase of the Atkins diet allows the consumer to consume 50 grams of carbs each day. You keep the second phase until you are 10 pounds (approximately 5kg) from your dream weight.

  • Phase 3: The consumer is allowed to consume around 80 grams of carbohydrates every day. This phase has to stay maintained until the person is about to reach their ideal body weight and it has to stay until one month gets over.

  • Phase 4: This entire phase has to be maintained so that the bodyweight stays in its proper place. The person is allowed to consume at least 80 to 100 grams of carbs every day.

The person is taken through these phases so that the consumer is aware of the carbohydrate consumption and is able to maintain a healthy diet afterward. The first phase is highly restrictive and the last phase is the least so that the body starts to produce ketones and fat in the body starts to burn.  The Atkins diet is followed so that the body gets in a habit of eating restricted foods initially. Once the body starts to get in the habit, the consumer can eat more carbs and a variety of foods as well.

Differences Between The Atkins vs Keto Diet

Although, as has been mentioned above, the Atkins and Keto diets revolve around minimal consumption of carbohydrates throughout, there are a number of differences that will help you understand the diets more closely.

  • Restrictions:

When we speak of restrictions, the Keto diet proves to be more restrictive for both carbohydrates as well as proteins. This diet almost eliminates the percentage of carbohydrates in our diet and allows a very low percentage of proteins in our body. This is done so that the body is not able to use proteins to produce glucose and give out energy. This way, only fats get consumed in producing energy and get burned down quickly.

On the other hand, the Atkins diet strongly restricts carbohydrates majorly but is relaxed when it comes to proteins. The proteins can be consumed moderately and the carb levels are also increased after a while as the days following.

Atkins vs Keto - Similarities And Differences in Diet Plans

  • The state of ketosis:

The state of ketosis is found in both diets. However, the Atkins diet involves this state in only the first and second stages and gets relaxed after a while. This is not the case with a Keto diet. The Keto diet is followed properly keeps the person in a continuous state of ketosis and produces energy through fat molecules only.

Similar Facts About Atkins vs Keto Diet

A number of similarities can be found in both these diets apart from restricted carb intake. Some of these similarities are listed below:

  • Loss of weight:

Both of these diets are followed by people so that weight can be lost that too especially without intense workouts. These diets are beneficial in weight loss as they reduce fats present in the body. This is possible only due to the ketosis state under which the body goes while following these two diets. Experts suggest reducing carb levels in the body instead of reducing fat consumption as a much efficient way to lose weight. Although the diets are different and so are their applications, the result is quite similar.

  • A number of health benefits:

Many researchers suggest that reducing processed carbohydrates and sugar in the body help in improving the health of a person. These diets also protect the body against diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. Research even suggests that following these carb diets can also reduce acne and other marks on the body that occur due to excess oil present in the body. And it’s also possible to benefit from blood sugar control.

  • Encourage natural foods:

One of the best parts of these two diets is that they encourage consumers to focus more on natural foods made from high-quality sources rather than processed foods. This helps in increasing the health and strength of the body gradually and does away with any junk present inside. This, in turn, helps in the overall digestion and functioning of the body. The body feels full of energy and strength. Brain and other organs work better and the mental state can be significantly improved thanks to fresh ingredients in everyday diet.

  • Adverse effects:

Although both the diets prove to be very helpful in reducing weight and lowering fat levels without performing many exercises, there are a number of harmful effects that our body might go under. For instance, if such diets are followed for a long duration, people might end up developing rashes and diseases that could be a bit difficult to treat. Some even develop Keto breath which smells bad and many affect your social circle.

Additionally, following Keto and Atkins diet can get you Keto skin which is similar to develop rashes and marks on the body. So much so, people who follow these diets may also notice a deficiency of nutrients in their bodies. As a huge amount of carbohydrates go missing from the body, the reactions start to occur and cause discomfort to us. Carbohydrates are the main sources of fibers in our body and eliminating these sources can lead to reduced energy levels in our body. To make sure that people get their fibers properly, make sure to eat fibers from food sources such as vegetables, fruits, legumes,  flaxseeds, etc.

Atkins vs Keto - Similarities And Differences in Diet Plans

Which one of the two diets is better?

As has been stated already, both the diets Keto and Atkins have their own benefits and limitations. When observed carefully and compare Atkins vs keto diet, the ketogenic diet can be a bit more difficult to follow especially for a long duration. The diet is extreme and involves a high level of discipline and control to sustain it. This gets even more difficult as control over protein is also an important part of the ketogenic diet. Not only this, but you also have to measure your ketone levels on a regular basis which is not an easy task, mind you.

Getting your ketone levels measured can be an expensive activity and is not easy on a regular basis. You start to face nutrient deficiencies and may notice a decline in energy levels also. The health effects have also been mentioned above. Low carb diets that are not that extreme and do not allow extreme ketosis state are more beneficial in the long run. This is because an extremely low carb diet is not needed to lose weight. Dietary plans such as Atkins are more than sufficient for losing weight and other benefits. However, choosing in Atkins vs keto diet totally depends on an individual.

Final Words About Atkins And Keto Diet

Maintaining health and fitness is a tough job which should be planned properly. Comparison of Atkins vs keto is a great overview of where to start your new stage of life. These diets do help in planning out the entire dietary habit and also have a number of benefits such as weight loss and reducing heart diseases due to the low consumption of carbs. However, these diets also play a vital role in reducing energy levels in our body which may not prove fruitful in the long run as these diets fiddle with the natural processes of our body.

In the end, choosing the right and high-quality food is what makes the difference, no matter how low or high carbohydrate content they contain. Additionally, if you choose to follow diets which include eliminating any of the macronutrients from your body, be sure to take their substitutes so that you don’t face any health issues later.

There are lots of companies focused on preparing the complete Atkins or keto diet menu for weeks or months. They provide complete service from breakfast over lunch and snacks to dinner. You can also prepare your own diet according to their possibilities and eat what you like and avoid having in a menu things you don’t like. Preparation of your own diet is considered to be time and effort demanding. You should pay attention to fresh and quality ingredients and variation and stay away from the boredom of meals. Tasty food with diverse flavors motivates you to keep the diet. Use gentle cooking to keeps as many nutrients and vitamins as you can. If you don’t have time rely on specialized companies and allow them to prepare your perfect menu.