Be Fit at 50 Female Everyday Routine

Be Fit at 50 Female Everyday Routine

But to be honest, it’s not an easy way to get fit after turning 50 and sometimes it’s a permanent fight for the entire life. You can find tons of articles across the internet about weight loss, getting fit, everyday workout routine, etc. What is the one thing they all have in common? In general, they’re all designed for young girls or ladies under 30. Nobody tells you how difficult it’s to get muscle mass when you’re older than the young girls. Your digestion isn’t so fast anymore and you can deal with some health troubles like bad knees or back. Therefore, you can’t do squats or morning jogging. Also, the results aren’t visible so fast. On the other hand, there is one thing all girls over 50 have compared to young girls. And it’s patience and experience. They know that nothing in our life is created in a split of second and everything needs time. Let’s move on and check out this Fit at 50 female everyday routine and its main hints.

  1. Morning Walk: It’s a well-known fact that our physical and mental health are connected. You can’t get fit without keeping your mental state clear and calm. Therefore, it’s more than important to relax and go for a short walk every single day. If it’s possible to go to a park or forest for 30 minutes to absorb the energy of trees and green plants and breath fresh air. Walking is the perfect mean how to get fit and also it allows release the tension and start the day with a clear head. Of course, lots of people are in a rush every morning. So, you can try to leave the bus to your work one-stop sooner and the rest of a journey simply walk. The consequence of this will be that your body will be getting stronger and more mentally resistant.

  2. Healthy Regular Eating: The regular eating after the menopause is crucial. Lots of people can swear that the best way hot get fit is to keep some diet. The diets genuinely work but only if you keep it. Once, you stop because you’re satisfied with the results usually you start to get weight again. It’s called a yo-yo effect. Of course, sometimes it’s slowly sometimes it’s faster. If you want to follow this “fit at 50 female everyday routine” you should understand how important is to eat regularly. Because after adopting this attitude you will change your mindset and you’ll see the results. Always keep in mind that food is a pleasure and you should enjoy it. Have fun with food preparation and eat 5 times per day at the same time.

  3. Avoiding of Toxic People: As it was mentioned above the psychical and mental health are connected. When you have lots of stress factors in your life and when you have to deal with anxious situations on a daily basis it has consequences. People usually crave for junk food or sugar. These meals produce endorphins in your body and make you feel better. Don’t trust them! Try to avoid toxic people in your life. People who just drain your energy and are not used to giving you anything back. They have to leave your life. Now! Or when else if you try to be fit as a 50-year-old (or older) female.

  4. 30 Minutes Workout Routine: You don’t think you can go to a gym with your figure? Don’t you feel well in a company of completely strange people? Are you trying to find new and new excuses why not? Take your cell phone and open youtube. There are billions of easy workouts with yoga or pilates. Simply, start with 10 minutes workout and add another minute every day. Don’t forget warming up before and stretching after the workout. This hint should not only make you stronger but also show you how easy is to do something. The goal is the mindset.

  5. Dring 10 Cups (2.4 Liters) of Water per Day: This couldn’t be a proper “fit at 50 female everyday routine” without hint including liquids. Regarding the structure of our bodies, we all require to drink lots of liquids every day. The water keeps your body hydrated and keeps the normal temperature of your body. It lubricates the joints and helps to gets rid of wastes by urine. You should drink not sparkled water or unsweetened tea. If you have trouble with systematic drinking during the day buy a bottle with marks that you might drink during the morning, afternoon, etc.

  6. Take Magnesium: Our body needs magnesium for bone health and calcium absorption. Magnesium also plays a significant role in many studies where this chemical element is associated with a lower risk of diabetes and arrhythmia. Furthermore, it’s been linked many times to the reduction of anxiety and stress levels. Why? The human body consumes a higher amount of magnesium when it has to deal with stress. The best natural sources are sunflower and pumpkin seeds, broccoli, banana, peanut butter, shrimps, and spinach. You can also buy some food supplement with magnesium.

  7. Weekend Swimming Lessons: One of the best sports for ladies over 50 is swimming. This kind of movement has a positive impact on your spine, joints, and muscles. When your body is in water it doesn’t need to carry its weight. There is no need to swim long distances. Start with short distances and if possible take short breaks. The important thing during every sport is to properly breathe.

This is a simple list of how to be fit at 50 female – just start and you will see the positive changes very soon.