Complete Guide How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

Complete Guide How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership
Complete Guide How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness has been a popular fitness gym in the fitness space for a very long time now and many people have been a part of this fitness organization really long. They are a huge organization and make sure that the customer experience is good – but sometimes it is hard to figure out how to cancel Planet Fitness membership properly.

Quitting gym is not an option even if you have achieved your target but in case you are sure about quitting then the most important thing out there would be to contact the customer care and get help from them.

Here are a few ways in which you can cancel Planet Fitness membership if you need to do so. Many people wonder about how to get the membership canceled online or get it canceled after they make a call or why they need to pay to get their membership canceled and so on. Here is an explanation for all of it.

You Can Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership by Post

Visit any of the home club available near you of Planet Fitness and then you can ask for a membership cancellation form. You will have to fill that out in your home club and sent it to the Planet Fitness main office to get the membership canceled in time. This is like a general procedure that you need to follow if you want to get the membership canceled.

It is difficult for the organization to keep a track of everything if it is done randomly and that is why they formulated this procedure. It is a very simple format that you need to fill up and will not require much time or experience with filling official forms.

Or you can send the letter via certified mail to the club and request your membership cancellation.

In both cases you will need to provide this information:

  1. Your name and surname (and middle name if you have any).
  2. The address which you used when you have registered.
  3. Your phone number and email address.
  4. Birthdate.
  5. Membership ID.
  6. Last 4 digits of the credit card which you have associated with your account.
  7. And lastly the statement of your intent to cancel the Planet Fitness membership.

For the smooth cancelation, you need to provide all requested information before the 10th of the month. You need to be sure that you don’t owe any payment if so you must to pay it before the 10th too. If everything is ok then you won’t be billed again this month on the 17th.

Can You Cancel The Planet Fitness Membership Over The Phone or Email?

If you have been looking for Planet Fitness membership cancellation over the phone or just via an email then that would not be possible. If you call up the customer care helpline number of Planet Fitness they will assist you regarding the membership cancellation but a mere phone call or email will not work out.

When you enroll for a membership then you need to carry out certain formalities. Similarly, when you cancel the membership you will have to follow a definite set of formalities.

Are There Any Cancellation Charges For Membership Cancellation?

This depends on a number of factors. There may or may not be any cancellation charges for the membership that you have. If you have taken a Planet Fitness membership recently and made a commitment for a full 1-year span then you would be required to pay a charge of about 58 dollars to just cancel the membership.

But if you have been a member for a very long period of time or you have taken a membership which is a no-commitment membership then you would not be asked to pay anything for the process. In that case, there will you will be asked just to complete the formalities and not pay any additional amount of money to cancel your membership.

This is an additional facility for members who have been associated for a long span of time with the company. So, if you have been searching for “Planet Fitness how to cancel” then this is the basic thing that you need to follow.

Why Is There a Membership Cancellation Charge?

Planet Fitness operates on a first come first serve basis and takes only a limited number of people in each center. So, if you have joined you will be provided with some personal care and special attention to your problems.

But if you have not joined and want to quit in between then probably your spot will be left empty and no one will join in your place. This takes the time of the trainer as well. So, to balance things up you are asked to pay for your spot to the trainer with a minimal fee. But if you are a long-term member then you are exempted from such kind of payment keeping in mind that you already have been with the company for a significant time.

You Can Transfer Your Membership Online

Though you cannot cancel your membership online you can still transfer your membership to another center. This can be done online by visiting the Planet Fitness website and completed in a few easy steps.

But there are a few terms and conditions for this process as well. You need to have spent at least 90 days in your selected center and have a membership that can be renewed on a monthly basis and not an annual membership. Besides this, your account should not have any due or pending payment. If these conditions are satisfied then it would be quite easy for you to get your membership transferred.

What Determines The Status of Your Membership in Planet Fitness

The status of your membership depends a lot on which particular plan you select. If you are selecting the annual plan then you need to pay less but then your flexibility is reduced to a great extent. Whereas if you are choosing the monthly plan you can withdraw at any point in time and also change your center after a span of 90 days if you wish to.

So, take the annual plan only if you are sure of continuing with Planet Fitness for a year or more. If you take a premium membership then it is even more beneficial since it would give to the flexibility to come at any time and also you can leave without paying any compensation. Go through the plans and accordingly decide which status of membership you would like to opt for.

Thus, if you were wondering about how to cancel the Planet Fitness membership then hopefully this would have helped you. Many people keep asking and searching for whether it is possible to make a membership cancellation online or through a call nut, unfortunately, those facilities are not provided and you will have to submit a full-fledged document to get your membership canceled and in some cases, you might even be asked to pay. For the other questions according to your Planet Fitness membership visit the official FAQ section.