Do you know crucial differences between keto vs paleo diet?

Do you know crucial differences between keto vs paleo diet?

Many of us have a bad habit of taking all kinds of junk foods as a quick or comfortable option for how to eat. And of course, many of us then suffer from bloating, digestion problems, lack of energy, and weight gain issues. It is a known fact that our weight tends to increase when we intake lots of food and do not perform any physical activity. However, you can also deal with obesity or long-term issue with weight due to various factors like genetics, environmental aspects or ailments. When we are tired of all of our tries and fail how to lose weight, we start to search for the best diet technique as another option. If everything mentioned above suits you, then you are on the right page. You should read about different diets like keto vs paleo diet for weight loss before you start to keep one of them.

Another very good argument which should be pointed out is that you should definitely consult everything with your doctor and your dietitian. Don’t try to keep any diet by knowing your borders and healthy limits. Lots of diets have long-term or short-term side effects or can bring any healthy issue into your life. It’s always better to consult your journey and results with doctors who can help you and customize some rules just for you to avoid any possible risks.

There is a debate that is going on without end, as keto vs paleo, which one is better. Both diets are generally considered as taking high-fat foods. Also, most assume that both these diets are very similar. However, there are a lot of differences and benefits. And there are a lot of things to know about these diets before starting to keep one of them. If you are trying to lose weight, then you should know the benefits and food habits of these two diets. This will give you a clear idea of knowing what to eat, what not to eat together with rules to follow, and several days for seeing the noticeable changes. But many wonder how these two diets differ which is explained in detail in this post.

Do you know crucial differences between keto vs paleo diet?

Advantages of Taking Such A Diet

  • Improved metabolism: If you are following either of the diets, it will help you have better body metabolism. The overall metabolism increase helps in reducing the tiredness and unwanted hungriness which makes you eat often the right portions. Also, the diet you take will help you have a feeling of the full stomach which reduces cravings for unhealthy food.
  • Overall lifestyle change: Following any diet can help you to completely change your lifestyle and mindset for better health. This helps in reducing weight and increasing the overall health of people suffering from obesity. Your mental health is increasing as well thanks to visible body changes and you can get your self-confidence back again.
  • Reducing the bad cholesterol: The diet can boost to get rid of the unwanted cholesterol. Therefore, it helps in reducing the risk of various diseases related to heart, blood pressure, diabetes, and several other ailments. Your body parts will be happy for a better way of life and you will feel full of energy.
  • Having a healthy life: In short, the keto or paleo diet helps in having a healthy life without the possibility to get some diseases or deal with some health issues. Overweight is a platform that increases the patient’s prone to different diseases and it can also destroy his or her positive mindset. When the weight is reduced, the body functions normally and hence diseases can be reduced.

Ketogenic Diet Or Keto Diet

The keto diet works on the principle of taking more fat and fewer carbohydrates for reducing weight. Many studies have proven that taking the increased quantity of fats and reduced intake of carbohydrates helps in the breakdown of fat molecules. To clarify, when we eat high carbs, the fat gets retained as the carbs are reduced into glucose. During a keto diet, the body gets in ketosis which is caused by a higher intake of high-quality protein and fats while reducing the daily intake of carbs. Of course, ketosis takes place when fats and proteins are taken in large quantities. This is nothing but the fat molecules breaking down to glucose to provide energy. Therefore, you burn fat and reduce body weight.

Do you know crucial differences between keto vs paleo diet?

This is a great thing as a high intake of carbohydrates is converted into glucose, leaving behind the fat. This fat gets deposited on your body and becomes bad cholesterol. It is the reason for many diseases like obesity, heart attack or diabetes. If the keto diet is followed, you reduce eating of carbohydrates for minimum and therefore the fat is broken down into energy. This leaves behind nothing to get deposited on your body. Hence the keto diet seems to produce effective results in reducing the weight if it’s kept properly. Also, the already deposited cholesterol and breaking down the intake fat helps in maintain the body slim. On the other hand, every diet should be completed by a training routine following with an experienced trainer. Then, your body is strong and healthy enough and you have lots of energy.

Types Of Ketogenic Diet

The keto vs paleo diet debate goes on without knowing the types of diet to take. Each diet has its respective plans which should be followed to get the desired results. And you should also consult the chosen variant with your doctor. For instance, the ketogenic diet can be broadly classified into four types as follows:

  • Standard Diet: The Standard Ketogenic Diet also known as SKD requires a very low carb which is 5% and high fat of 75% with 20% protein-rich foods.
  • Cyclical Diet: The Cyclical Keto Diet also called CKD is nothing but increasing the days spend on fat-rich foods. It means you can eat high protein and fat-rich foods five days a week and the remaining two days must be completely carbohydrate-rich foods.
  • Targeted Diet: The Targeted Ketogenic Diet, which is also known as TKD, allows you to take carbohydrates only during or after the workout session.
  • High-Protein Diet: It is similar to the standard ketogenic diet, except in the sense, the protein intake should be high. That is you should take 60% fat, 35% protein with 5% carbs. Many people rely on this method.

Do you know crucial differences between keto vs paleo diet?

These are the types of the ketogenic diet that you can follow depending on the nutrients you wish to take. However, you need to take either of these types for effective results. You cannot combine all the diet type and expect the results in a few days. It’s impossible. Instead, try a type of keto diet that requires the intake of more fat or proteins and wait for the expected results. Or consult the possibilities with your doctor and ask for his or her decision which version is the most suitable for you. If you are a non-vegetarian, then you do not have to worry about keto vs paleo. You can start following the keto diet as you can get more fat from meat.

Paleolithic Diet Or Paleo Diet

The name paleolithic diet comes from the paleolithic ages of the life of our ancestors. The reason for this specific name is the diet is similar to the ones which were eaten by them. Many centuries ago, our ancestors hunt animals and collect products like fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Similarly, the people who wish to follow this diet can boost their daily menu with fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts. However, eggs can be added to this diet for protein intake. Also, the ancestors ate different foods like animals that were rich in fats and low in carbs. They also focus their attention on vegetables and fruits which are high in calories and less in fats or carbs.

The adaptation of the paleo diet is up to the individuals who are following the diet. So, it’s completely up to you and your healthy limits which journey you will decide to follow. Like our ancestors ate fresh foods, we also should continue the same. The bottom line is obviously processed food which is strictly prohibited in the paleolithic diet. People at those times couldn’t visit supermarkets and buy these kinds of food. You should avoid most dairy products like milk, cheese, cream, and butter. Processed foods include foods like sweetened beverages and soda, sugar, sweeteners, artificial colors, trans fats, and so on. When you avoid such processed foods, your body will not accumulate bad cholesterol which leads to obesity and increase the risk of many civilization diseases. The basic concept is that whole foods must be taken avoiding processed foods. Therefore, rely on farmer markets and local products. The debate on which is better keto vs paleo is completely irrational, as they have their benefits respectively.

Do you know crucial differences between keto vs paleo diet?

Top Foods To Avoid on The Paleo Diet

The paleo diet has most foods to avoid which you consume often like pizza and fries. You should give up these fast food and processed items to gain the benefits. Instead, you should take the wholesome and healthy foods which are fresh like fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Imagine our ancestors will not prepare cheese from milk as they do not have the equipment to produce them. Likewise, the flour used was not available during the early days which compelled them to eat only fresh wholesome foods. Also, it is a proven fact that the humans of the paleolithic era lived longer healthily. This is the main reason that many nutritional experts ask to follow this diet.

What Food You Should Avoid When You Are on Paleo Diet

  • Grains and Legumes: Most grains like wheat, barley, and rye must be avoided. The by-products of these items like bread, cookies, and pasta must also be avoided. The legumes are not on the hands of the paleo diet and you should avoid beans, lentils, and so on. People are able to digest them but the microflora in the intestine is which causes bloating as well as the effect of leaky gut.Do you know crucial differences between keto vs paleo diet?
  • Dairy products: All dairy products must be completely avoided like milk, butter, cream, or yogurt. On the other hand, some versions of the paleo diet involve the use of high-rich fats like butter and cheese. If you are a vegan, then it is better to go for other options. Always listen to your body and if it’s asking for some dairy products it’s better to answer and eat them.
  • Vegetable Oils: The processed oil like soyabean oil, sunflower oil, and corn oil must be avoided. The safflower oil and grapeseed oil are taken and processed for several days which are rich in fats. Therefore, such vegetable oils should be avoided. Instead, you can switch to highly nutritious olive oil.
  • Trans Fat foods: Trans-fat foods are an important cause of the accumulation of bad cholesterol. It is necessary to avoid them by neglecting the fries, chips, and processed foods that require partially hydrogenated oils for frying. Most packaged chips are high in trans fat and hence they should be avoided completely.
  • Artificial sweeteners: In the paleo diet, even the sugar is not allowed. Therefore, artificial sweeteners are a strict no-no. Instead, you can switch to natural sweeteners. For instance, if you are making a banana smoothie, banana itself rich in sweetness. Therefore, you do not have to add an extra sweet. Moreover, artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame, and acesulfame are very dangerous artificial sweeteners that are added to chocolates and candies. Be careful and try to reduce the intake of these things to zero.
  • Refined sugar: When you buy soft drinks, they are made of sugar. The ice cream, pastries, and other desserts can be switched to using honey instead of sugars.

Do you know crucial differences between keto vs paleo diet?

  • Highly processed foods: Highly processed foods have more artificial ingredients that have many unnatural additives. A simple rule you should follow regarding the paleo diet is that if the food is made in the factory, then you should not consume that.

These are the foods that must be restricted or completely avoided to have a better weight loss. You will see the results and your body will be more than happy for natural local products.

Major Differences Between Paleo Diet And Keto Diet

The differences between these two diets help you find which is better on keto vs paleo diet. The diet you are going to follow has its guidelines to obtain better results. They also have a certain definition of taking all the nutrients at the right measurement. Therefore, they are both different and their methods to follow the diet are different as well. The following are the major differences between paleo and keto diet.

  • Macronutrient intake: The major difference between these two diets is the number of macronutrients taken on a daily basis. The keto diet involves mostly on the three macronutrients which are fat, protein, and carbohydrates. The rate of nutrients is around 70 to 80% of fats, 20 to 25% of proteins, and 5 to 10% of carbohydrates. It’s fully dependent on the kind of keto diet. However, in the paleo diet, one can follow whatever the nutrients ratio depending on the needs. It means that balancing the intake of macronutrients is the main thing while following a paleo diet.

Do you know crucial differences between keto vs paleo diet?

  • Meat: The keto vs. paleo diet differs in the intake of meat. In the paleo diet, all red meat is allowed except processed meat such as ham, bacon, sausage or salami. However, some people use less processed foods that are allowed in the paleo diet. In short, the paleo diet’s focus is on natural and grass-fed meat. The focus of the keto diet allows any meat of course with eating them with a low portion of carbohydrates.
  • Sweeteners and sugar differences: The keto diet allows the artificial sweeteners in a minimum quantity without carbohydrates. But the refined sugar is strictly forbidden in a keto diet. On the other hand, the paleo diet allows naturally available sweet substances like honey, maple syrup, date sugar, agave syrup or coconut sugar. But the keto diet should not be taken with any of these natural sweeteners as they present glucose.
  • Vegetables and fruits: Some of the vegetables have high carbohydrates which are not allowed in the keto diet. They are for example potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn or yams. They have a higher chance of interrupting the ketosis process leading to a break-down of glucose from these vegetables. However, the paleo diet includes foods such as carrots and potatoes which are rich in higher carbohydrates. Similarly, fruits like apples and banana have higher sweetness made of natural sugar. Therefore, a keto diet does not include tasty fruits, unfortunately. On the other hand, the paleo diet relies on fruits. All kinds of fruits rich in carbs, proteins, antioxidants, and vitamins are allowed in this diet. You can try berries, peaches, apples, cherries or figs.
  • Dairy: The paleo diet does not include dairy products as the paleo age ancestors didn’t breed cows or goats for milk. However, since today we have plant-based milk like coconut, oats, soy or almond milk, many people drink this kind of milk and use it for cooking as it’s rich in calcium. On the other hand, the keto diet needs fats and hence the dairy products are allowed and welcomed.

Do you know crucial differences between keto vs paleo diet?

These are the major differences that explain the keto vs paleo diet more accurately. They have their differences and people are usually confused with each other as both have similar benefits for our bodies. However, it is in the hands of the individual who wishes to take either of the diets. You can follow either of the diets, the result is weight loss. Therefore, one can choose the diet depending on their food taste and appetite or healthy limits and restrictions.

Weight Loss In Keto And Paleo Diet

The keto diet involves more fat and therefore the intake of carbs is less. But the paleo diet does not have such restrictions and therefore you can add carbs. Eating like the ancestors in the paleo age cannot help all kinds of individuals. Similarly, the success rate of keto is maximum but the result on every individual is not guaranteed either. So, if one needs to choose between paleo or keto, he or she should double-check the forbidden and allowed food and involve them in the final decision as well as the aspect of essential nutrients.

Remember that losing weight can be influenced by many aspects. We all are individuals and the results obtained by your friend sometimes are not so fast or so visible in your personal case. But it doesn’t mean you did a mistake. If you will consider the results of following one of the diets keep in mind these points:

  • Reduced intake of overall food: Some people tend to reduce their portions in order to obtain the results faster. But the principle of both diets is to eat enough and do not suffer from hunger. You can eat normally and intake all nutrients without being hungry.
  • Following a strict fitness regime: Some people include workout training two or three times a week. Therefore, they might reduce weight due to the exercise and have a more toned and fit body than others who rely only on diets.

Do you know crucial differences between keto vs paleo diet?

  • Stress in life: The stress and depression in your work or personal life can also be a cause for naturally losing weight. Therefore, if you are taking on a diet and living a stressful life, focus more on a positive mindset and on your goals. Follow the diet properly and try to avoid the stress to avoid all negative energy and health risks related to a high level of stress.
  • Major diseases: Some of the major ailments like cancer can cause weight loss in patients. Similarly, mental health problems can also reduce your mood to eat. This can also be the major reason for reducing weight. if you are about to keep the diet you should consult the possible issues with your doctor due to your healthy state.
  • Loss of appetite: This issue is pretty common and this can also be a cause of body weight loss. If you keep a diet it’s crucial to eat properly and regularly! Try to stay positive and prepare your daily menu at home. Try to find your routine and the food you like. If the problem seems to be long-term visit your doctor.

These are the major reasons that weight loss does not pertain only to the diet we follow. Though we debate keto vs paleo, which is better, that might cannot be the only reason to lose weight and stay healthy. Our lives are influenced by many factors and it’s better to consider them all before you start with any diet.

Also, some experts claim that losing weight due to the diet, especially, ketogenic, will regain when stopped. To clarify, the keto diet works until you stick to the plan and foods mentioned in the list. After losing weight, many people tend to regain easily as the process is not permanent. The best way how to have a perfect body is to adopt a healthy way of life and find the best sport for you. Physical activities together with non-processed food and a clear mind can help us to obtain the dreamy figure.

Do you know crucial differences between keto vs paleo diet?

Which One Is Better? Keto Diet Or Paleo Diet

Which one is better? Should I try a keto vs paleo diet? Still many people find it difficult to choose the best one for them. We often tend to find the one which helps in faster weight loss. Keto diet is considered to be effective when compared to the paleo diet. This is because our body starts breaking down once we eat. If we concentrate on fat and high protein foods, the fats are broken down. This change in mechanism helps the body to achieve weight loss faster than the paleo diet. However, the paleo diet can be kept during the whole life as your lifestyle but you can’t keep a keto diet forever. It could be dangerous.

On the contrary, the changes in your body are also dependent on genetics and your motivation. Let’s see why the keto diet could be better than the paleo diet.

  • Fat reduction: The ketosis mechanism cuts off the excess fat from the body and hence one finds the keto diet to be easy. This is also one of the major reasons as paleo takes time to reduce weight.
  • Easy To Follow: The keto diet is easy to follow as you need to concentrate on fat foods and sugar is also allowed. But on the other hand, natural sugars are prohibited in paleo which makes it difficult for the people to continue in the long run. Lots of companies provide the full week menu to follow the keto diet and it’s easy to follow the rules without any effort at your kitchen.
  • Instant results: Keto diet shows visible changes faster than a paleo diet. In short, keto is a diet but the paleo is a form of lifestyle change to your body. So, if you are looking for an instant fix of weight reduction from weeks to a few months, then the keto diet wins the race.

The keto vs paleo diet debate will continue until the researchers find an accurate diet for weight loss. The important thing you should definitely keep in mind is that however, the keto diet provides you faster results you can’t keep it for a long time regarding its side effects. Paleo diet needs time to lose weight but if your body doesn’t ask for some specific ingredients which are forbidden you can keep it for a long time without being worried.