Gym Workout For Weight Loss – Female Beginners

Gym Workout For Weight Loss - Female Beginners
Gym Workout For Weight Loss - Female Beginners

In the case that you are in fair-good shape and average physical condition or better, you don’t need to read this. Because you are probably looking for a maintaining program or just for a bit of advice which can help you to lose just a few pounds. But if you are in the need of gym workout for weight loss as female beginners, novice, rookie, and definitively not gym rat then read further. This program can help you to get on the track. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any gym experience or you don’t have so much experience with exercise programs – this program is tailored for your needs. The program is focused on 3 main things: self-motivation, diet, and light exercises in the form of walking and also a session called “circuit training” or sometimes called “circuit program”.

In today’s era, people are very concerned about their health and lifestyle. Everyone wants to stay fit and fine. Doing exercises helps in constructing a healthy body. There are various ways to keep our body active, like doing yoga, meditation, and gym. Nowadays, women are also giving cut-throat competition to men in building healthy bodies. There is no discrimination between women and men regarding the use of recreational places like the gym, sports stadium, and sports clubs. It’s a golden opportunity for beginners. Gym workouts for beginners are starting in every gym.

The Basic – For Female Beginners

Get a doctor’s check – just visit your GP for a regular medical check and tell your doctor that you are planning to start losing weight. He or she will give you advice and recommendations which you can start with. But mainly you will get a general idea about your condition. In case you are really heavily-overweighted you should start really slowly. Better slow start and progress than injure yourself anyhow. So keep your own limitation in mind and once again, start slowly but keep going. Losing fat and getting in the shape is not a sprint it is a marathon where you have to slowly change your life attitude and start to live a healthier life. You will benefit from it in many ways.

Start to move more during the day when you are not exercising: Studies have proven that more overweight and obese people move less during everyday activities and are lazier because are faster exhausted. That is why they are not able to do so much physical activity. And this may result in gaining weight or maybe a cause of it – and it is the infinite loop. So if you are a female beginner and you are serious about gym workouts for weight loss – then continue reading.

Gym Workout For Weight Loss - Female Beginners

Steps For Female Beginners To Lose Weight

For a healthy and fit lifestyle, you need to follow specific points to reduce their weight in fewer days.

Self-motivation: The first and foremost to reduce weight is self-motivation. If you have decided to reduce weight by following proper diet and exercises, then the woman should develop an internal feeling for reducing weight. Self-motivation is the beginning step for a healthy lifestyle. If you have decided and made your mind to reduce your weight, then you can quickly achieve the target of losing weight in less time. However, gym workout for weight loss female beginners includes self-motivation. Self-motivation is the most important part as without motivation no one can fulfill their dreams. If you get your motivation, then no one can stop you from maintaining good health. Nor bad weather, nor your friend, partner, nor family – you live only once – do something with yourself!

Healthy diet: The most critical aspect of reducing weight has a balanced and healthy eating. There is a diet chart which needs to be followed by gym freak persons to reduce weight. Taking a healthy diet makes you fit and fine. It also helps in preventing diseases and infections. Diet plays an essential role. Females beginners suffering from the problem of over-weigh can lose weight if they adequately balance their diet. The balanced diet includes:

  • Avoid fried and fast food: The health-conscious person should not eat fast-food like pizza, burger, and noodles, and so on (at least no more than 1 times per week – you can reward yourself once a week). You must eat green vegetables and fruit. Avoiding fried food definitively helps in reducing weight.

  • Balanced diet: The exact definition of a balanced diet is taking substantial breakfast and light dinner. It helps in proper digestion. The food should not exceed the limit which should be set by the gastro specialist. People suffering from obesity need to eat less and move more.

  • Drinking more water: To keep your body hydrated, we should drink at least 8-9 glasses of water daily (around 2 liters a day, or approx 0.53 gallon). Drinking waters helps in removing the waste products from our collection and keeps us healthy and fit. Drink water as much as you can. Avoid soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. They are very harmful because they contain so much sugar – which is not so beneficial for fulfilling your fat-reducing goals!

Regular exercises: The most crucial aspect of reducing weight is doing regular exercises, walking, or yoga. Yoga is considered the most effective use for females as it helps in stretching the while parts of the body. Joining the gym is the modern way to stay in shape. Therefore, gym workout for weight loss female beginners is straightforward to accomplish for any woman. With the help of the gym and an online program, anyone can stay healthy and fit no time.

Gym Workout For Weight Loss - Female Beginners

Gym Workout Program Schedule For Female Beginners

The start should be slow and you will have to have patience with yourself and with your own body. Here is your weekly schedule which you can use not only for your first week but you can take it at least for your first 2 months. In the plan, you have 6 days workout days and one day off – you can enjoy that day for regeneration (do you remember that you can eat one junk food a week – this is that day! But don’t overdo/overeat it!).

  • Day 1 – Start Today: Ok, walking will be your friend for the next few months. You can think where you always drive by car and it is not so far away. Today you can go there on foot. It should be 20 minutes far away – by slow walk (at least 40 mins total). Total distance depends on how fast you walk. You can measure every trip and compare your performance. But keep it slow. You can even split it in multiple short trips. The aim of this exercise is to walk in a speed which makes you breathe heavy hut does not totally ruin you. Try to keep up the walking intensity along the whole way.
  • Day 2: Chose one day from the fat loss gym workout plan and do 2 sets of 12 each exercise. If doing 12 exercises is too much for you – you can split them in half so you will do 4 sets of 6 repetitions. This is considered to be your circular training – prepare for it (you can do it at home, in your garage, or in the gym – it is up to you what suits you the best). Try to do it at once – without any significant breaks between exercises and sets.
  • Day 3: Walk the same distance as you did on the first day – it should be at least 40 minutes.
  • Day 4: Walk again for 40 minutes – just change your route. You can go there you are usually not going. Then there is a chance that you can make a new friend or find same-minded people. And walking in the pair can be beneficial for both of you – you can motivate each other!
  • Day 5: Chose a different set of exercises for circular training performed on day 2.
  • Day 6: Chose a different set of exercises from day 2 again.
  • Day 7: Great – today you have two options – take rest or walk for 40 mins. It is up to you what you choose – both choices are fine. But keep in mind that you should take rest especially when you have just started. When your body hurts you it is not so motivating and you need your self-motivation a lot – especially at the beginning as a female beginner.

There Isn’t Any Magic Formula For Gym Workout As Female Beginners

If you still looking for a magic weight loss formula which can do the trick for you. Then I am sorry it still doesn’t exist. Only what can help you is you! So stay focused on your goals and start as soon as possible. You shouldn’t worry about skipping one more day in the working plan – but keep consistent and never quit. It is much better to keep exercising even 2 times a week thank stopping completely. Starting, again and again, doesn’t help your mental health because you will think about how many times have you already failed. You can manage to reach your own goals – it will hurt, it will take time, it won’t be overnight, but it will gonna happen only if you will stay determined and slowly improve performance week by week, month by month and the guarantee is – you will see results if you put work in. Stay healthy, positive, and fit!