How To Burn 100 Calories Per Day – Extra Easy Tips

How To Burn 100 Calories Per Day - Extra Easy Tips

In today’s modern lifestyle, everyone’s life is too busy. In fact, people do not have sufficient time to spend for their family, their friends and also even for their health. Do you know how to burn 100 calories? Of course, there are 100 possible ways available to burn 100 calories during the day. Eating 100 calories is a no-brainer by simply placing ketchup on your French fries, have a piece of plain toast for breakfast and drink a glass of skim milk, which all includes 100 calories respectively. In order to lose 100 calories, you will have to run for a minimum of 10 minutes, lift weights for 20 minutes and also perform yoga for 20 minutes or simply walk for around 20 minutes per day.

If you cut 100 calories from your day, you will surely decrease 700 calories at the end of a week or around 3000 calories monthly – and that is something. If you have consumed 700 calories, you do not have to fear to burn off; because it is not always very simple to fit exercise into your day-to-day routine. First of all, you need to take a look at some of these 100 calorie foods, which you can easily cut from your diet. Many people who are attempting to lose weight may feel sometimes that the end result is unfeasible. First, you must stop looking at the big picture. By cutting 100 calories per day, you can definitely lose one pound per month. So let’s take a look at how to burn 100 extra calories.

Trivial but proficient ways of burning 100 calories

With 100’s of ways to stay inactive during the day, there are definitely another 100’s of ways to stay active as well. Absolutely, you must find some convenient ways of burning additional calories. Here are some of the trivial, but proficient ways of burning 100 calories:

  • If you are interested in bicycling, you can do it for 10 minutes will burn 100 calories for you.
  • Following the workout video for 15 minutes will support you in burning another 100 calories.
  • Walk for 15 minutes will perfectly burn 100 calories for you.
  • You do not use an elevator and use stairs instead to burn some additional calories.
  • Have to spend some time in a garden or any other outdoor game that supports you in burning some extra calories.
  • If you do vacuuming work at home for 20 minutes, it will assist you in burning another 100 calories.
  • You can also have some other activities like swimming, painting, dancing and bike riding, etc. for burning additional calories.

Easy methods to burn calories now

At present, there are several possible ways available to burn 100 calories. Here are some few recommendations about how to burn 100 calories that include:

  • Use one tablespoon of jam on your toast instead of one and a half tablespoon of butter
  • Have a cup of unsweetened apple sauce instead of sweetened
  • Topping your salads with the chopped celery instead of croutons
  • Haze your asparagus rather than cooking it in oil or butter

Therefore, creating minor changes by producing great choices can have a vast effect on your overall weight and health as well.