K-E Diet Side Effects and NG Tube Placement Issues

K-E Diet Side Effects and NG Tube Placement Issues

The K-E diet or KE diet is also known as the feeding tube diet. The K-E diet boosts quick weight loss. It involves inserting a nasogastric (NG) tube into the nose and down into the stomach of the person who wishes to lose weight. This diet is becoming popular in the United States but the information on the various websites doesn’t focus on the bad K-E diet side effects.

K-E Diet Side Effects

How does K-E diet work? Basically, this diet delivers a mix of protein, fat, and water through the tube. The tube is attached to a bag, which holds the solution. The mix is forced up through the nose and through the body until it reaches the stomach.

This KE diet forces the body into a medically induced starvation. When this happens, the body uses its own stores of fat to survive. Yes, you will survive this, but is it healthy to do for your body? Our bodies need more than the proteins, fats, and water that the mixture delivers. Our bodies need vitamins, trace elements, and carbohydrates for energy and good functionality. If you are not getting that mixture your body does not work correctly.

There is no fiber in this diet, so you will be constipated – another not so positive side effect. To prevent it, be sure to consume a laxative on a daily basis.

Nasogastric (NG) Tube Placement, Issues, and Side Effects

This nasogastric tube must not be bumped, or forced in any way. If it is forced in any way, it could damage the lining of your nose, throat, or your esophagus. Granted dieters may plan to be careful but you never know when a simple fall will occur, and automobile accidents occur on a daily basis.

If that NG tube placement slips, the liquid feeding could be delivered straight into your lungs. This may cause you to aspirate. Simply put, if this mixture on the K-E diet gets in your lungs you have a very serious medical condition on your hands. It required immediate medical intervention if your life is to be saved.

In a hospital or nursing home setting the patient who receives a nasogastric tube, which is also used in this K-E diet, the patient must sit up or be in a reclined position so that the patient does not vomit. I did not see any precautions on any web site that mentioned this precaution. When we cared for patients with this type of NG tube placement, we had to make sure they never laid flat on their back for their safety. When you vomit this mixture if you are in a night of deep sleep you could die in your sleep.

Some of the web sites that list the side effects of this KE diet simply say, you may have bad breath. What about farting? I am serious you will burp and fart with this. Trust me, they are worse than anything you have smelled. The baby formula smells delicious when it comes to the feeding mixture associated with the nasogastric tube.

If anyone is still one the fence about this diet, please educate yourself on the precautions of the NG tube placement and the mixture. Perhaps walking up the stairs or the mile to the work would serve you better than the K-E diet so be aware of these K-E diet side effects.