Losing Weight But Not Belly Fat Problem

Losing Weight But Not Belly Fat Problem

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re losing weight but not belly fat? You’re maybe successful in getting your desired weight but you look at yourself in the mirror and you are still completely out of shape? What do you do when you think you are losing only on mostly the wrong places and not exactly on your body parts where you need it most?

When you decide to go fast, your body will start burning fat and convert it to energy instead of waiting for your digestive system to supply the sudden demand. Most likely in the first two days of eating less than usual, your body is still unaware that you decided to lessen your intake. This means it will still work on getting you enough of what you needed for each day. Your body will continue to store fat and that can be why you are losing weight but not belly fat.

There is a little confusion here because while some parts of your body are aware that you haven’t had enough intake, some may respond differently. This explains why when we try to lose weight, the first body parts which are noticeably thinner are your cheeks and your shoulders. It’s almost as if your whole body is getting its energy source from these areas. Our digestive system is confused too. Again it will try to deliver the same amount of stored energy even if you haven’t been eating. It will take a while before it can notice that your intake hasn’t been the same and you will start losing weight but not belly fat. It will start to work as usual. This is why there is a noticeable bulge in the stomach area even if your cheeks and shoulders appear thin.

For women, the belly fat also had a lot to do with the menstrual cycle. It’s normal for women to store more body fat before and after their period. So you see the bloated look and feel is also sometimes not entirely affected by the diet but more with the cycle. But then, if there is no fat to store then this bulge will rarely appear even during the menstrual cycle.

We all heard about this before. They say sit-ups and other exercises may be able to help get rid of these parts. But we have to be very careful because if it is not done correctly, we might just develop unnecessary muscles. And that can cause why you are losing weight but not belly fat and it can contribute to the bulge. So before you will start your weight loss journey – just ask your doctor first.