Quick Weight Loss – How to Find Best Weight Loss Program

Quick Weight Loss - How to Find Best Weight Loss Program

If you keep saying “I want to lose weight quickly”, there are Pros & Cons to how you approach finding what’s right for you. Maybe you are fighting an uphill battle with your ancestry. Losing weight is all about finding the right program to match your criteria. Why this is necessary, and why losing weight is so hard, maybe due to human evolution. Early man had to guard against starvation due to food scarcity. It was necessary to take any as many calories as possible when it was possible and store the excess as fat. We are still carrying that imprinting today.

That said, questions arise as to what are the best weight loss approaches today:

In spite of the herculean efforts by the drug companies and science, to discover a “magic weight loss pill” that quickly cause people to lose excess weight permanently, science still chases this elusive goal.

Pros: If science comes up with a truly effective diet prescription that works for almost anyone and is safe for those who use it, that would be great. The reality is that even with years of continuing research the jury is still out.

Cons: Part of the challenge is safe weight loss because most of the new attempts at a diet pill result in adverse side effects.

Most of us have tried to lose weight through a variety of diets and it becomes the off-again, on-again circle of failure. A number of fad diets fall into this category. If you are reading this and are one who wants to lose weight, you have likely experienced this issue with the latest hot diet.

Pros: If a particular diet is right for a person, and the over-all strategy fits them, then any of the clinically reviewed diets may work.

Cons: A lot of popularity is just hype. What works for one person may not be right for another.

In a sense, when you say I want to lose weight are you talking about quick weight loss or making the kind of changes that result in permanent weight loss, or at least permanent weight control? There is no absolute right or wrong here.

Pros: Quick weight loss can be the right thing, particularly if there is a health issue that needs to be dealt with quickly. Getting pounds off fast can boost your attitude and sometimes motivates people to continue with weight management.

Cons: If you want to lose weight quickly, it sometimes results in gaining the weight right back because other important strategies and longer range weight management steps are missing.

In many cases, your weight loss efforts require a kind of weight-loss multi-tasking. People must take multiple actions for a weight loss program to work. Since putting together a complete and balanced program may well require putting together several solutions, it is good to have a simple checklist so we can make sure we are headed in the right direction.

Any successful program should support; safety, Calorie management, changes in Eating Habits, regular Exercise & Fitness, hunger suppression and a support network of some kind.

Take a look at our Weight Loss Multi-tasking checklist:

The bottom line is that if you want to lose weight, either fast or over-time, a truly comprehensive program will answer the criteria mentioned. The most important thing is a balanced weight loss plan that fits you and meets the criteria proven for the best results.