Side Effect of Keto Diet – What Dietitians Never Tell You

Side Effect of Keto Diet - What Dietitians Never Tell You

These days the most preferred form of dieting among non-vegetarian people is a keto diet. When keeping keto diet you 70-80% daily intake should be covered by fats, 20-25% consist of protein. The most important thing is to cut down on carbohydrates. They can’t cross the line of 5-10% of your daily calorie intake. But is this diet effective enough for losing weight? Yes, there is no doubt in the fact that this kind of diet is indeed pretty effective when it comes to weight loss. However, the diet was developed for people suffering from epilepsy primary. That is why this diet became so much popular and preferred by many celebrities and even normal people. However, the diet is extremely popular and was adopted by masses of people there is a probability that you will have to face a possible side effect of the keto diet.

Due to the high intake of protein-based food in the diet, there are some side effects that you might observe if you have been following this diet for a pretty long span of time about more than 6 months. Keto diet often brings about sudden fluctuations in the sugar level in your blood and therefore it is advised to follow a proper routine and diet to avoid any side effects of the process. If you are looking for side effects keto diet then here are a few things that you must consider before starting with the diet because lots of dietitians never tell you.

What Kind of Side Effects Can Be Observed as A Result of A Keto Diet?

The side effects of the keto diet are quite diverse and they may be short term effects, immediately effective and long-lasting effects. Here are a few symptoms that could indicate the fact that you might be facing the negative side of keto effects. In case you are facing multiple of these side effects then it is better to consult your health issues with a GP. These can be corrected as soon as you shift to a regular diet.

But if you are suffering from some of the long-term effects then it might incur some serious damage to your body. So, whenever you are on a keto diet it is advisable to stay in touch with a physician so that you know when to stop or you can discuss any of your problems.

The Short Term Side Effect of Keto Diet

When your body is going through a fasting session then one of the most common things that happen is hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia indicates that the sugar level in your blood is below the desired level. This leads to the effect like the excessive level of thirst, fatigue, frequent desire to urinate, hunger, tachycardia, confusion, and anxiety to some extent, a sudden feeling of sweating and chills and shaking of hands and feet, and muscle soreness. Besides this sudden shift to the keto diet may also lead to unpleasant constipation and low-grade acidosis. Some people usually feel confused and suffer from nausea and headache. Sometimes it’s possible that the client keeping the diet regularly vomits.

All of these symptoms together with weakness and dehydration remind of flu and therefore it called keto flu. This is caused by the lack of carbs in your daily menu. Your muscles, body, even brain consume energy from carbs as natural sources. If you lower the intake your brain has serious trouble with concentration and sends a signal to your body that it needs sugar. As a result, you can crave for products with added sugar. However, this healthy issue lasts about one week, make sure you take care of your condition if you are shifting to this kind of dieting routine. And don’t underestimate any symptoms.

Side Effect of Keto Diet - What Dietitians Never Tell You

Another unpleasant side effect of keto diet occurs very often and almost everybody who has ever kept the diet knows that. It’s called keto breath. Low intakes of carbs and high portions of protein and fats result in sweet breath smell. It’s supposed to be a consequence of being in ketosis. After 3 weeks the breath disappears. The only possibility of how to deal with it is to mask the smell. You can try to drink more water. Your body will produce more urine than usual and ketones will be expelled faster. Also, you can brush your teeth more often or chew mints. If it’s still not enough for you to try to slightly increase your intake of carbohydrates per day. Keep in mind that it’s not needed to stay away from all of the carbs and still be in ketosis.

Long Term Keto Diet Side Effects

It is not advisable to stay on a keto diet for a very long span of time. This is because of the fact that a long-term keto diet may lead to severe problems like nephrolithiasis which means an issue with kidney stones. This happens as the body is dehydrated and the acidosis happens in the body the bones demineralize and gets deposited in the kidney as they cannot be excreted out of the body. Your body loses electrolytes of magnesium, potassium, and sodium in a big number. This can end up with serious damage to your kidney.

Along with losing the electrolytes, you can also feel an irregular heartbeat. Compared to the short side effect keto diet this could put your life in danger. Besides the stone and heart, your bones and teeth also get demineralized so they start losing their strength. Weak and fragile bones are definitely not something that you would desire. So, make sure you stop before it’s too late since there is nothing more important than your health.

What Happens if You Suddenly Cut Off Sugar from Your Diet?

Keto diet is all about replacing the sugar or carbohydrate intake from your diet with other options like proteins and fiber. So, if you step into a keto diet then for the initial few days you will definitely notice an improvement in your body and digestion. If you are diabetic then it is not advisable to follow this kind of a diet all of a sudden without following the advice from a physician. A sudden fluctuation in the blood sugar level might not be good for diabetic patients. If you are not diabetic then at least for the first couple of months of your keto diet you will not be feeling anything.

So, you need not be worried about anything if you are shifting to this kind of lifestyle for a short span of time like a couple of months or slightly more. The concept of the keto diet was introduced so that you do not have to starve while you are on a diet. The major goal is to have a regular daily intake of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in suitable and tasty portions.

Side Effect of Keto Diet - What Dietitians Never Tell You

A Safe Way How To Follow A Keto Diet

Some people in the name of keto diet will cut down on carbohydrates and fat and replace that portion of the meal with meat and other similar protein-based food which is quite spicy. If you are having that kind of a diet then it is of no use as this will not help you to lose weight and rather take a toll on your health due to consumption of a high amount of nitrogen-based food. It means if the name suggests keto diet you will need to invest a good amount of effort to formulate such a diet in a manner that you are not starving and yet you are not taking too much of meat. Even the keto diet demands an intake of the high amount of fiber and fruits and water. Try to have plenty of fruit. Also, diabetic patients can follow a keto diet but they will have to increase the intake of fruits and other similar items and always to keep the best blood sugar level for them. So, the keto diet can be highly beneficial if and only if you are following the keto diet in a proper way and consult every simple step with experts such as your GP, dietitian, nutrition specialist, and specialized companies offering ready-made keto menu for every week. If you are not following the diet properly then it could take a toll on your physical and mental health and cause problems that are not desirable to any extent.

Thus, now you are aware of the harmful side effect of the keto diet and the side effects that you might experience in the long run and in the short run as well. So just make it a point to consult a physician and a proper dietician in a way that you will not harm your health and also benefit your health conditions positively. Simply keep in mind there are possible side effects of the keto diet and you will probably deal with them. Furthermore, every diet needs to be followed properly to enjoy all of its benefits and stay away from all of the negatives and drawbacks. Trust the experience and knowledge of experts and don’t hesitate to ask them if you have any symptoms or any health issue. There is no stupid question and your body together with mindset are the most important entities in the world.