The Best Way How To Do Jogging To Lose Weight

The Best Way How To Do Jogging To Lose Weight

Have you ever wondered what has jogging and weight loss in common? If you’re starting to lose weight, jogging is the most affordable exercise. There is no need to visit the gym for jogging. Some beginners, especially women, find it difficult to work out in the gym and show up in front of strangers. But you can go jogging anywhere – outside, indoor, or in your gym.

Jogging To Lose Weight: What To Pay Attention To?

SPEED: The most important thing for as efficiently jogging as we wish, is the right speed. The fat-burning pace is not very fast and easy to calculate. The calculation can be found at the end of the article.

TIME: We’d like to have everything and immediately. However, jogging to lose weight is a long-distance run. Therefore, it is not enough to go jogging only once and for 5 minutes. Start jogging 3 times a week and gradually adding. If you enjoy it, jogging becomes your daily hobby. Keep jogging for at least 30-45 minutes and you’ll be on the best way to your dream body.

EQUIPMENT: The most important is to buy perfect jogging shoes. If you have suitable shoes, you will jog well. You will not have damaged feet and heels, so you will not be discouraged by the first run and can look forward to the next. When it comes to clothing, run in what you feel comfortable – because you are doing jogging to lose weight, right? And even have cool clothes doesn’t sound like a bad idea – you need a little bit to show off. Someone prefers leggings and a tank top, someone prefers shorts and a long-sleeved shirt. The choice is yours. What else would I recommend? Definitely music! I understand when you go jogging with someone else, so you can talking to them all the time and it is all right. But if you want to jog on your own, take your mobile phone, MP4, headphones and see that you will jog smoothly and it will run faster. Last but not least, do not forget to drink a lot and also eat some meal which is rich in carbohydrates before or after jogging.

What Do You Have To Count On?

There are two types of people. Some of them lose fat while jogging and weight go down, others gain muscles and because the muscles are heavier than fat it happens that even after a few weeks of regular jogging, results are not visible on the scale. Some joggers weigh the same or even more. Don’t lose your mind and measure the circumference of your arms, breasts, belly, hips, and thighs, you will see that your figure is changing.

Jogging and weight loss calculation: 220 – (age) = XXX (100% of heart rate), then calculate 60% and 80%. The result is the range of heart rate in which you should jogging to burn fat. And the last advice: the right running speed is when you are able to talk (or even sing) while jogging without getting more breathed. So have a nice time with jogging!