The Ultimate Guide How To Get Bigger Breasts Naturally

How to get bigger breasts naturally

Nicely shaped and toned body is amazing and deserves lots of attention because it’s supposed to be a sign of health, youth, and happiness. Also, it’s easier to get dressed in this body simply because you look perfect in every piece of clothing. Especially women usually work so hard to obtain their dreamy figure and they are able to do almost everything to look like their favorite stars. On their journey to attain a beautiful body they usually deal with trouble with breast. Most of the ladies would want to have an hourglass-shaped body. You have maybe noticed lots of gyms and fitness offer lectures focus on slimmer waist or booty exercises but they do not offer ways how to get bigger breasts naturally.

As it has been already mentioned the firm breasts give you more confidence and you look more attractive. As we get older, the muscles get weaker and it’s the same for boobs consisted of tissue and fatty cells. Together with a butt, our breasts can say our age or pretend we’re much older without any words. Therefore, the perfect and full breasts look so great and help you to look beautiful and attractive at every age. However, there is a possibility to artificially augmented your breasts, to be honest many of us would want to rely on some remedies that are safe and keep us away from chemicals, too.

How to get bigger breasts naturally

Why You Shouldn’t Try Artificial Techniques For Breast Enhancements? 

Needless to say, using natural methods instead of artificial ones is always a better option, especially when you use them for your body. Intake of chemicals and spreading them on your skin or inside the body can bring unexpected results that can either harm your organs, break you into a dangerous rush or worsen the situation. The best part of using artificial methods can be that they show instant results and don’t consume a lot of your time either effort. Of course, it usually takes lots of money. Also, you should rely on pain which can be linked to these non-natural methods. However, they also tend to harm you as they trigger chemical reactions in your body which can lead to the required results that you use them for. This, of course, hampers your body in one way or the other as the process does not take place naturally. You should always consult every artificial method with your doctor and discuss all possible side effects or possible risks.


  • Pills and tonics are several artificial methods that can be used by women to enhance their breasts. Methods such as using pills or tonics are very popular these days and many women count on enhancement up to two sizes of cups. Pills and tonics do not require you to do any hard work, you’re not supposed to go for a doctor and pay extra money. You just have to swallow one or two pills or gulp down some tonic and you are good to go. At that moment nobody knows why you swallow pills and if the results will not occur you don’t need to explain anything. Many of them pretend they consist of herbs and extracts from natural things but it’s always better to check the ingredients before you do any impulse buy.
  • Silicon method is a very popular method that is being used by an increasing amount of ladies today. Partly, it’s caused by the phenomenon called Instagram breasts when girls and women want to look like their favorite influencers. In this method, you have to get a silicon lump fitted inside your breasts that give its shape and tends to make them bigger and firm. The entire process is an operation and it’s executed in narcosis. The method consists of surgery and several sessions that have to be given for it to make sure they are positioned in the right place. Even if the process doesn’t take long, you have to follow-up with your doctor at least for the initial days to keep them in place and to check if they don’t hurt you. And of course, you have to count on strong pain for more than one year until your muscles and tissues accept the implants and your body starts to work normally. If you decide on this method it’s always a great way to consult your decision with more than one doctor and read reviews of the clinic.Plastic surgery belong to ways how to enlarge your chest

These methods do sound appealing as you just have to visit your doctor once and you have beautiful and natural bigger breasts the next day. However, the pills mentioned above can have severe reactions to your body. Do not trust them, they definitely don’t consist only of herbs and natural ingredients. And in some cases, they lead to a chemical and hormonal imbalance in your body and trouble with your period. Since breasts are really sensitive parts of your body, the effects are greater and severe sometimes. Similarly, when you get silicon fitted inside your breasts, they tend to move from their place sometimes and hurt. They also tend to affect your health as they are artificial components that stay inside your sensitive breasts and make them weaker. The last thing is that you have to change them every few years and if you take the money for the operation hardly imagine the situation in the next ten years? Would you be able to get the money? Will your body able to accept them?

How to get bigger breasts naturally

How to go healthy and how to get bigger breasts naturally?

Why would you want to get bigger breasts at the cost of your health? Why not prefer the natural way to do it and make you look better and happier without pain and extra money? As discussed above, using artificial products is just going to hamper your health and worsen the situation until you get rid of them. However, when you use natural products or methods, you stay safe from any kind of after-effects or side-effects and get better breasts. But of course, it takes time. All you have to do is be patient and keep working on your body. The reward will be your strong health and good looking boobs.

What are the most effective ways how to get bigger breasts naturally? They will surely get you the perfect breasts you dream of but you should consider the fact it will take your time. You should also be significantly motivated not to give it up before reaching your goal.

Below mentioned are some ways to let you know as to how to get bigger breasts naturally:

How to get bigger breasts naturally

Some Breasts Enhancing Herbs

Who said only medicines are made to act on a specific body part? There are some helpful herbs out there that are very effective especially for your breasts. They work just like pills or tonics but will not affect your health in any way. You can try chaste tree berry and its fruits are linked to breast enlargement since the ancient Greek doctors revealed its possibilities. Another herb you can try is black cohosh. You will be pleased that this amazing plant is also a great way how to get rid off your PMS and menstrual cramps. Or you can rely on wild yam and its phytoestrogens helping with the growth of breast tissue. The saw palmetto doesn’t contain any phytoestrogens but it’s considered to be a part of breasts-enlarging herbs but be careful. This plant is strongly diuretic, and therefore, you will have to visit a toilet more often.

However, if you are on some medication, you might want to discuss their effect on your body with your doctor before you start consuming them because they can influence your remedies.

How to get bigger breasts naturally

Fenugreek Seeds An Ancient Way How To Get Natural Bigger Breasts

These seeds are known to enhance breasts since ancient history. Women have used these to make their breasts bigger and looking fuller. The seeds contain an estrogenic compound which is called diosgenin. They show results quickly and are quite easy to use. All you have to do is gulp a few of them with hot water every morning and evening and soon you will your breasts enhanced. Another good tip is to sprout them because then they have a higher amount of diosgenin.

Fenugreek Powder As A Mask

The Fenugreek powder is considered to be one of the best mean for natural breast enlargement. This paste works as a stimulator of just like the hormone estrogen regarding the diosgenin. To use it, you will have to take one-fourth of a cup of powder and mix it with the required amount of water. Make a paste out of it and massage it gently over your breasts in circular movements starting from the nipples. This paste is going to stimulate the nerves inside your muscles and helps the growth of your breasts naturally.

Since they are strong and act on a specific body part, make sure to consume them in the right amounts after consulting with your doctor and also with somebody having a good amount of knowledge in herbs. Although it’s not dangerous at all, keeping a check on them can keep things safe and easier.

Herbs can let your chest enlarge regarding a high level of phytoestrogens

Pueraria Mirifica

Another traditional plant with an estrogenic component. This plant is from Thailand and other parts of Southern Asia. This plant can relieve symptoms of menopause as well. It can also help you with vaginal troubles such as dryness and irritation. Consume it by directly gulping it down while some take it along with some other herbs to mild down its effect. However, it belongs to ways how to get bigger breasts naturally you should consult taking of Pueraria Mirifica with your doctor and consider possible side effects.

Breast Massage

If you’re not sure about all of the plants’ way howto get naturally bigger breasts, massaging muscles is a very effective way to make them stronger and help them expand. No, it’s not a joke. There are many professions such as wrestling, boxing, weight lifting, etc. that require healthy muscle growth naturally. To make them stronger and to make sure they have effective muscle growth, they tend to get professional massages that give out a quick result and relax their mind to a great extent. Lots of professional sportsmen rely on the effects of massage as a great tool for how to help your muscles. Similarly, for breast enlargement, you can try massages with breast enhancement oils that can stimulate the muscles as well as the nerves inside the breasts and make them healthier, perkier and bigger. Together with movements from some professional masseur, it helps your boobs to get fit sooner. Breast massages also work for saggy breasts, this way the tissues inside the breasts start to recover and make the organ tighter. Your boobs look firm and healthy.

How to get bigger breasts naturally

Massaging oils are excellent. They are very effective for your body as well as your mind. And lots of our problems are simply in our head and we need to relax. The process of massage enhancement is quite simple, all you have to do is collect some essential or helpful oils or lotions that can provide lubrication and make them softer. Do not massage any part of your body without lubrication as this might lead to unwanted friction and hurt your skin or sometimes the muscles as well. Breast massages can also be a sensual activity to try with your partner. You can ask him or her to give you one and that makes your night in just one night. This activity is not just enjoyable for you but would be quite fun for your partner as well. Get yourself massage oils with good natural fragrance, light some candles and set the mood for a perfect night.

Try fly lifting

People think breasts cannot be enhanced through exercises. Well, they are wrong because it’s a myth. If you try the right exercises, you can surely make them bigger, healthier, and stronger as well. The best exercise for this is a Fly Lift. To perform this, all you have to do is lie on your back over a bench or an exercising ball can work, too. Pick two weights that would be a little difficult for you to work with. You can start for example with full bottles of water or you can start with lighter weights as well. All you have to do is pick each one of them in your hands and spread your hands to make a cross out of your body while lying on the bench. Spread your hands to the maximum extent you can and bring them back so that you have your hands and weights right above your chest.

How to get bigger breasts naturally

This processing time and again and set a target for how many times you want to do it. Try doing this exercise every morning and evening for a few minutes. This exercise would not just build your chest muscles but will also make you fit and healthier soon enough. Just be patient. If you have gotten the hang of the exercise, you can start trying heavier weights. However, for this exercise to work, you have to make sure your technique is right and effective. Consulting a gym trainer could be helpful in this case. If you deal with a back healthy issue consult this exercise with your doctor.

Push-them-ups For Bigger Breasts

As unbelievable as this sounds, push-ups can help your breasts look bigger and firm. This works easily because performing this exercise, you tend to work on your pectoral muscles which are situated right underneath your breasts. If you practice these muscles and when they are loaded, they grow bigger and as a result, make your breasts bigger as well. However, again, push-ups have to be done properly so that they act in the right place where are needed to. Otherwise, you can cause some backache.

How to get bigger breasts naturally

The best way how to perform push-ups is to first lie on a belly. Keep your hands directly beneath your shoulders so that you can push your upper body up in one go. Start by slowing pushing your body upwards. Continue till your arms are fully stretched out and wait for a few seconds. Stay in that position and let your muscles work. Breath in when going up and breath out when going down. Once done, start getting back down but this time, do not let your stomach touch the ground. Keep it above the ground and continue to move up and then down. If it’s too hard for you, you can try a modification with knees on a mat.

Keep repeating this process and do it from five to ten times to make one set out of it. You can repeat it as long as you are comfortable but do not push yourself too much so that you strain your muscles. Repeat at least two sets once a day once in two days for a quick result. Don’t forget to relax and allow your muscles to regenerate. Do remember that this exercise won’t make your breasts bigger. It would just strengthen your chest muscle beneath them and make them look firm and better. To put it simply, these strong muscles will put your breasts more out there. You can combine this method with another one mentioned here.

Changing Your Diet

It is an effective way to grow your breasts naturally is to bring a few changes in your diet. There’s no direct way to work on your breast muscles, like in the case of any other body part like chest, arms or legs. Your breasts are mostly made out of fatty cells and gaining them through exercises is tough. The level of estrogen inside your body can also change the shape of your breasts. Therefore, you can try consuming some foods that can influence the level of hormone the estrogen in your body and let it increase. And thus it’s possible to obtain shaping them for you. Foods such as pomegranate are a very rich source of these natural phytoestrogens and eating this regularly can bring some evident changes in your body. This will not only help your breasts but will enhance your butt as well and it helps you feel better.

How to get bigger breasts naturally

Other fruits such as cherries, plums, grapefruits, etc. will also be very effective in increasing your estrogen levels. If you love to eat vegetables There are several ones which can be helpful in this case. Some of these are sprouts, green beans, beets, etc. Make a salad out of them or combine them with your regular foods. However, to increase their effect, you can start consuming them in the morning with an empty stomach. Always keep in mind to have a rich diet full of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and do not push yourself to eat something you don’t like.

How to get bigger breasts naturally

Put On Some Weight

As has been mentioned earlier, your breasts consist of fats and tissue and their size can be changed by increasing or decreasing the amount of fat inside them. An important fact is that some women can have a higher ratio of fatty cells then tissue and vice versa. To increase the number of fats inside of boobs, you can try to put on some weight. As your body will start to gain fat, some fats will move to the breasts and change their shape eventually. You will start to notice your breasts getting bigger. However, when you go by this method, you have to be prepared for a fatter body in general. Not only will your breasts grow, but your belly, arms, thighs will also start to gain weight and make you appear heavy.

Put your weight on

Additionally, make sure your fats go in the right direction and do not affect your appearance a lot, consult a doctor or a gym trainer. They will recommend you some exercises that can help you get fatter in a healthy way and enlarge your breasts at the same time and still stay healthy and feel well.

Increase Your Sexual Activity

Breasts are a part of your body that works as a sexual stimulant and is greatly affected by the level of estrogen present inside your body. Since taking artificial intakes of estrogen can affect your body, increasing them in your body naturally it the best way how to get bigger breasts. Having more sexual encounters can help you enlarge your boobs and butt size. When you tend to have more sexual intercourse, it stimulates the hormones in your body affects your physical appearance. Speaking of estrogen, it also has a lot to do with your emotional quotient. It’s better to relax and avoid stress and anxiety.

Sexual activities help your dynamic duo grow

Also, when you are in the middle of the process, ask your partner to work on your breasts more often. You also can indulge in activities that include breasts such as breast massages that will be enjoyable for both of you and will work flawlessly for you. For women, the more you are into a specific sexual activity, the more is it going to affect you physically. This means you need to enjoy the activity you are putting yourself into so that it boosts the estrogen level and gets you bigger titties. Therefore, make sure to get a partner you have great chemistry with so that its effect can be obtained and increased.

The Bottom Line

As has been mentioned, trying natural methods for bringing any kind of change in your body is the best way to do it. You should rely on them and stay away from any kind of supplements or surgery which takes the extra money. Using artificial methods is just not worth the health risk and they don’t even promise a lasting effect. Also, you never know what side-effects can be linked with the non-natural method and how it can influence your hormonal balance and health. If you would love to make your boobs bigger, simply follow the methods mentioned above. These are all tried and tested methods that will not cause you any harm and you can always consult them with a doctor. Additionally, you will not even have to spend thousands of money on your cosmetic surgeries and will be able to get your perfect boobs for free. Stay motivated and appreciate your healthy state. The results will be obtained soon and you will get confidence again.