Weight Loss Side Effects: If You Need More Reasons To Start

Weight Loss Side Effects: If You Need More Reasons To Start

I always find the disclaimers at the end of drug commercials funny. After outlining all the potential side effects, the possibility of just dealing with whatever ails you seem like a much better alternative. Weight loss side effects can be a good thing though. When you add up all the benefits of losing excess weight you are left with not much to convince yourself that eating that second, or third, helping is a good idea.

While you may already know that losing weight will bring a better appearance and basic health-related benefits. Sometimes not even the dream of fitting into a pair of skinny jeans can move us forward. Thankfully the following list is extensive enough that even those of us who have trouble maintaining focus can find something to hone in on our quest for a smaller waistline.

Side Effects You Can Look Forward To When You Lose Weight

  1. Think clearer – Let’s start with this biggie, a lack of focus. Obesity is connected to a lack of focus according to previously performed studies. After significant weight loss, you can expect an improvement in memory and concentration skills. That definitely sounds like a welcome side effect, isn’t it?
  2. Sleep better – Not everyone who is fighting fat is also fighting sleep apnea, but the connection is there for many. Sleep apnea is a condition that can cause a person to stop breathing in short episodes throughout the night. Losing weight can help you sleep better, more soundly and with fewer interruptions or so.
  3. Better teeth – Surprisingly – a side effect of losing weight helps your teeth. According to researchers from Case Western Reserve University believe that since gum disease and excess weight both involve inflammation. When you reduce the fat cells in your body, the swelling in your gums will also go down.
  4. Stay healthy – A fit and trim body is better equipped to fend off infections. ABC News reports that obesity weakens the immune system leaving the individual more likely to suffer from bacterial and viral infections.
  5. Less pain – A weight loss of a mere 10 pounds can start to alleviate foot, back, and knee pain. When the body is working off of inflammatory response joints can be fired up. Those same joints will feel the relief of less stress as the weight peels off and in turn, there will be less pain. People with arthritis say that the pain and discomfort of arthritis can also be reduced.

Choose a healthy diet and keep your long term goal in mind as weight loss side effects such as these and more roll through the credits in your mind – better focus, sounder sleep, healthy teeth, less pain, lower cholesterol, healthier heart, and you will enjoy your life …