What Is Balanced Diet and How To Use It For Weight Loss

What Is Balanced Diet and How To Use It For Weight Loss

This topic is very important these days, as there are a large number of people who are overweight and not used to eating healthy. The obesity is on the rise across the world but there are still lots of people who want to change their habits and obtain the perfect figure. There is no doubt that the crash diets and other fad diets in circulation, cause more harm than good to your body. The same goal the body can achieve by following a balanced diet, which doesn’t harm the body. Furthermore, at the same time, it makes you feel and look full of energy and health. You can genuinely call it as a healthy way of slimming. Moving to what is a balanced diet and what are helpful hints for weight loss keeping it.

What Is a Balanced Diet?

A balanced diet is the one that provides your body with all the vital nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals in the right proportion. This will keep all your inner body parts in top condition and still enabling them to function at their optimum. If your body functions properly it means you are healthy and fit. It also helps you stop craving and eating junk food or food without nutritional value such as pizza, cakes, cookies, sweets, energy drinks, ice-cream, etc.

If you decide to follow rules of this Balanced Diet you should focus on a daily intake of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals mostly consist of:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Dairy Products
  • Protein including variants suitable for vegetarians such as soya, legumes, and nuts.
  • Grains

How To Balance Your Diet?

Here are some tips to help you to balance this diet. They represent some general hints about how to deal with the diet and stay motivated.

  • The following proportions of the main nutrients in your meals keep in balance: Carbohydrates – 60%, Fat – 20% and Protein – 20%.
  • Keep the portion size smaller and eat regularly 4 to 5 times a day always at the same time. This method has the advantage of keeping the hunger at bay and reducing overeating or on the other hand craving.
  • Bring a variety in your diet. This will help you to gather many nutrients.
  • Prepare your daily menu one day in advance and don’t forget to drink during the entire day.

What Is Balanced Diet and How To Use It For Weight Loss

What To Eat on a Balanced Diet?

The diet insists on five groups that should be involved and eaten every day to reach your goals. They include vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, dairy, and high-quality protein. Let’s go through all of them and explain what you should eat to stay healthy.


They represent the main sources of vitamins and minerals. Definitely eat at least five portions of them on a daily basis. It’s much better to avoid frying or cooking them and choose methods like stewing in steam to keep as many important nutrients as possible. Eat 4 or 5 portions of vegetables every day to get healthy.

  • Green leafy veggies include spinach, cabbage, kale, Swiss chard, and bok choy. This group is full of vitamin K, A, C. The minerals are represented by iron, magnesium, and calcium. Together they help us with the nervous system and keeping our bones strong enough. Leafy greens are full of antioxidants preventing heart diseases and reducing the risk of oxidative stress.

  • Colored vegetables consist of carrots, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, tomatoes, and beetroot. A big amount of fiber regulates your blood sugar and people suffering from diabetes should definitely adopt this group of veggies into their diet program. Vitamins A, B, C can improve the function of your digestion system and your muscles. Potassium and folate are crucial for the successful prevention of heart diseases by lowering blood pressure.

  • Starchy veggies can find in stores in a form of potatoes, corn, beans, chickpeas, yams, and peas. This group is a great example of daily carbohydrates intake. It’s a perfect source of fiber and antioxidants including vitamin C and vitamin E. It improves the quality of your skin, slows the process of aging and growing of muscles.

  • Legumes were already mentioned as a part of the explanation of what a balanced diet is but they are very important regarding the number of minerals. They are rich for iron, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, and selenium. Keep them in mind if you want to get pregnant because they can influence your fertility health. If you have a problem with eating legumes and you suffer from bloating try to involve them only once per week. And add another portion of legumes every other week. A great tip on how to end with bloating is changing the water during the cooking time at least three times and also cook them with herbs such as marjoram, basil, ginger, mint, fennel, and parsley.


Include 3 or 4 portions of fresh fruits into your daily menu. If you can’t get the fresh portions there is a great option to buy some frozen ones. According to the last research, frozen fruits don’t lose the most important minerals and vitamins and sometimes it can contain more of them. The reason is that for the process of freezing the rip pieces of fruits are usually used compared to the fruits which are harvested unripe and delivered to your store up to weeks.

Of course, the fruits can increase your sugar intake. If you want to avoid choosing these ones or if you have diabetes you should try raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, avocados, peaches, watermelon, oranges, lemons, and limes. They represent a high fiber and vitamin C group in your balanced diet. Pack them in a bowl together with low-fat yogurt and cereals as a great snack and boost your energy level.

Lots of experts recommend to avoid juices but it’s not the whole truth. You can drink them but only if they contain a high proportion of fruit flesh. Use your own blender to prepare the smoothie and absorb all of the important nutrients from the fruit. Don’t leave the most essential parts of fruits in the rubbish bin.

Dairy Products

They are crucial for a daily portion of calcium and you shouldn’t omit them, however, the best version is to choose low-fat versions if it’s possible. The best option can include milk. If you don’t like the taste of it, add it into your smoothie together with fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Another good option seems to be yogurt. Buy unsweetened and unflavored versions. Of course, kids can refuse to eat them. Add into it some nuts, fruits, and honey and serve it as a snack or use the cottage cheese instead of yogurt. Cheese is also another possibility of how to add calcium to your body.

Vegans can find coconut, oatmeal or soya milk and yogurts in stores. Calcium and vitamin B are artificiality added into them to keep them healthy as the milk can do. Try these products even if you aren’t vegan. It can improve your meal preparation and bring new flavors into your balanced diet menu.


A quarter of your plate should include the protein. Rely on beef, poultry, lamb, pork, and fish as an important part of your balanced diet. There tons of ways how to prepare them and your diet will never be boring. If possible reduce the consumption of red meat and instead of it rely on vegan versions of other kinds of meat. Your veins and heart will be grateful for this decision.

Protein doesn’t mean only meat or fish. It contains also eggs. People believe the eggs can increase your cholesterol but it’s not true and 2 or 3 eggs per day represent lots of health benefits.

For vegans, there are legumes, soya, nuts, and seeds. They provide the same benefits as the meat but the absorption ability of iron is lower. Enrich each of your meals by adding a small number of nuts, seeds or tahini paste especially if you do any kind of exercise every day. It helps you to grow your muscle mass. Walnuts, pecans, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts are suitable for your snack. They’re good sources of fats, fiber, vitamin E. Nuts help you get over stressful situations and anxiety feelings regarding the high number of magnesium. A small number of nuts every day can reduce bad LDL cholesterol and make you feel better.

Grains And Cereal Food

It wouldn’t be a complete explanation of what is a balanced diet without grains and cereal foods. This group should be one-quarter of your plate every day and you should focus on whole grains. They contain protein and fiber and optimize your blood sugar. The most important vitamins and minerals are also included. For breakfast,t you can choose the muesli with fruits and porridge from oatmeal. Add cinnamon, honey, seeds, and fruits to make up your own version of sweetened breakfast cereals. If you prefer a warm breakfast you can prepare pancakes with oatmeal with homemade nut spread. This morning meal helps you with your digestion and boosts you with a big amount of energy for the entire morning. Regular consumption can also reduce the risk of colon cancer thanks to fiber and minerals.

Wholegrain and wholemeal bread and buns can be involved in your snack menu. Spread fresh cheese on two slices and add chopped herbs like chive or dill and slices of avocado.

An excellent option of how to start eating grains is to try quinoa or buckwheat. The taste of them reminds you of the nuts. The tip of the best chiefs is to cook them in meat broth with spices for 5 minutes and then let them in a pot covered by pot-lid for 30 minutes. The grains absorb all of the liquid and become more fluffy and healthy because you don’t destroy the essential nutrients by cooking for a long time. You accompany quinoa or buckwheat by salmon or chicken breasts and add slices of tomato, bell pepper, and arugula to finish your lunch or dinner.

What Is Balanced Diet and How To Use It For Weight Loss

This is the best answer to your question of what is a balanced diet. By balancing your diet, you can eat all kinds of food and not keep away your favorites. By controlling your portions, you can achieve your ideal weight even while eating fatty foods. A balanced meal keeps you free of hunger.

How To Lose Weight With This Balanced Diet?

No diet helps you to achieve your dreaming body without exercising. Add at least some 30 minutes workout and fast walking every day and boost your diet properly. It means to increase your protein when you do any sport but don’t eat too much of them. The excessive intake would have the opposite effect and you would not lose weight. Also, keep in mind that a higher intake of protein is a signal for your body to consume a bigger number of vitamin B. The best natural source of vitamin B are fish, nuts, vegetables (carrots, kale, and spinach), legumes, grains, and bananas.

And of course, it’s important to avoid processed food. As it was mentioned the empty calories aren’t healthy and you should stay away from them. Foods like pizza, ice-cream, doughnuts, cakes, sweet drinks, and soda drinks have a place in your fridge neither in your life anymore. Homemade preparation with ingredients from local farmers has lots of benefits and it can become great fun for you and your family.

If you know now what is a balanced diet and really want to lose weight you have to understand that meal preparation is crucial. Take a piece of paper and put down everything you should eat during the day and keep it up. Prepare your meals for two or three days in advance to save time and energy. Don’t forget to eat properly usually at the same time every day. And if you don’t have time to sit and eat your meal, try to buy some solid bottle and focus on blending all ingredients into a delicious smoothie. It’s the easiest way how to put together all nutrients, vitamins, and fiber in one during the day or before and after your workout to keep your strong and healthy.