What Is The Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet, And Which Foods To Eat?

What Is The Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet, And Which Foods To Eat? Food List and Alkaline Diet Rules
What Is The Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet, And Which Foods To Eat? Food List and Alkaline Diet Rules

One of the major goals of fitness is to stay healthy. To prevent the outburst of diseases, you must stay away from junk food and hydrate yourself – this is the basic which you probably know. But what is the alkaline diet?

The answer is not so simple.

We can start an explanation of the benefits of drinking water. As the sole hydration liquid maintains the PH level in your body and regulates the blood cycle. Thus, it is necessary to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to resume normal functioning of your kidneys. However, in certain cases of PH disturbance in the body, individuals need to plan a certain diet to create a balance. Therefore, the necessity of an alkaline diet arises. Shifting to this diet plan is depended on a lot of factors. In encountering certain risks of low acidity in the body, the alkaline diet is there is to help you. It balances the acid reflexes in the body, thereby making it quite healthy!

What Is The Alkaline Diet In General?

While in school, you must have heard about the strong relationship between acids and alkalis. In general, the human body has a PH level of 7.0. Blood has a PH level of 7.4. If this PH level decreases, it is generally considered to be harmful. When the process of digestion starts, the stomach releases gastric juices. This acidic nature of the stomach has a PH value of 2.0 to 3.5. Due to poor lifestyle, unhealthy food habits and decreased level of exercise, this PH level of the body significantly reduces. This is when you should start shifting towards the alkaline diet.

Instead of gobbling down carbohydrates and fats, the major part of the alkaline diet focuses on eating more acidic foods. Too much junk food disturbs the acidic content of the stomach and leaves behind acid ash, which causes indigestion issues. When answering what is the alkaline diet, you must know that alkaline foods are balanced in nature, allowing the body to replenish itself. Most film actors and actresses swear by this diet as their ultimate mantra to fitness. If you are looking for body rejuvenation, losing weight and body stability, then you must get ready to start the alkaline diet!

What Is The Main Idea Behind The Working Mechanism Of The Alkaline Diet?

What is an alkaline diet? To gather knowledge of its advantages, it is essential to figure out how this diet came into being. The main aim of this diet is to reduce the intake of acidic foods and start having more of alkaline foods to replenish the body. The body metabolism starts to change once you introduce more alkaline foods in your regime. Naturally, the body acidity reduces, and your body starts to feel more light and fresh. Even your blood becomes alkaline.

Alkalising the body is important because it improves your health and takes care of certain diseases. If you are trying to prevent long-term infections or other ailments from taking place, a quick resort to the alkaline diet plan is a must!

How To Prepare For The Alkaline Diet?

Since now you know the major background on what is an alkaline diet, let us shift the major focus to start prepping up for the diet plan. It is never too easy to leave all those junk that you have been eating for so long. Thus, some of the major steps that must be initiated are as follows:

  1. Start drinking more and more water (just water not soft drinks). To start with the alkaline diet, you have to let the body feel more hydrated.
  2. Reduce your meat intake to the minimum. Consume it at least once a week in the beginning. Avoid red meat.
  3. Stop consuming junk and processed foods. Start reducing it slowly, and then stop it permanently. Reduce your sugar intake to half as well!
  4. Avoid using refined vegetable oil and replace it with olive oil or simple coconut oil. These are less processed and have more nutrition in comparison to other oils in the market.
  5. The fifth tip includes just some motivation to start the diet. Think of the positive changes that you will undergo in this diet.

With all of the above points, let us look at some of the best alkaline foods that you must consume in your diet!

Acidic Foods To Avoid And Alkaline Foods To Take:

Acidic foods comprise of meats, poultry, fish. It also includes a diary and even different types of alcohol. If you are too interested to know what is in an alkaline diet, let us look at the foods that you must trust for a quick change.

Green leafy vegetables

What Is The Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet, And Which Foods To Eat? Food List and Alkaline Diet Rules

One of the major foods that you must start taking is green leafy vegetables. You can have spinach, lettuce leaves, kale, celery, etc. According to the latest study, greens are good for your stomach and blood. It can increase the alkalinity in the body and prevent the onset of various diseases. Experts swear to eat green vegetables every day for its high amount of nutritional value. Proteins, vitamins, and minerals are part of green leafy vegetables and therefore, it is an important ingredient of the alkaline diet.


What Is The Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet, And Which Foods To Eat? Food List and Alkaline Diet Rules

Next in line is cauliflower, which is a great alkaline food to be consumed. Cauliflowers contain minerals and phytochemicals, which act as resistors to various diseases. It can balance out the alkaline levels in the body and keep you healthy!


What Is The Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet, And Which Foods To Eat? Food List and Alkaline Diet Rules

Broccolis are termed to be superfoods. It is highly recommended to include broccoli in your alkaline diet just because it has added minerals in it. Just toss some broccoli with other vegetables to create your perfect meal for the day. You can add some beans to your diet too, to boost your nourishment further!

Citrus fruits

What Is The Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet, And Which Foods To Eat? Food List and Alkaline Diet Rules

Citrus foods are considered to be an important part of your alkaline diet. It is usually a belief by health experts that all kinds of citrus foods are acidic. Even though it is acidic, it helps to maintain and build your alkaline levels too. Some of the best foods in this category include lemons, limes, and oranges. An important note on citrus foods is its detoxifying properties.

Squeeze in some lemon onto a glass of warm water in the morning to start with your alkaline diet. It also recommended that you include seasonal melons as well because they too contain Vitamin C and other minerals. Citrus foods provide instant relief with high acid levels in the body and prevent hurt burn.

Sea salt and even seaweed

If you are consuming regular salt, then it is time that you switch it with sea salt. A common fact about sea salt is its mineral content, which is 12 times higher than regular ones. Therefore, this adds to the alkaline requirement you are looking for and is an essential part of your alkaline diet regime. Another important ingredient is seaweed, which you can easily have it with some soup. Seaweeds are great alkaline foods and prevent the body from heart diseases. Therefore, you can add these ingredients in any dish you make, like an omelet, salads, etc.

Root vegetables

What Is The Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet, And Which Foods To Eat? Food List and Alkaline Diet Rules

Root vegetables fall into the category of alkaline foods. It is essential that you avoid cooking these vegetables for too long or else their nutrition doesn’t last long. The common foods in this category include sweet potato, beets, lotus stems, carrots, etc. You can have these with your soup or just stir fry them to make your dish. Root vegetables are packed with loads of vitamins and minerals and they are low in carbohydrates.

Seasonal fruits

If you want your body to heal faster with your alkaline diet, then it is necessary to have seasonal fruits. Nutritionists and even food critics all over the globe swear by the value and importance of seasonal fruits of all sorts. Fruits can improve your diet and give you a healthy glow. Every fruit is packed with one or the other vitamin, minerals and is also loaded with anti-oxidants. Fruits help in improving body metabolism, which is mostly required in an alkaline diet. Some of the best fruits for your alkaline diet are pineapple, kiwi, watermelons, Apples, apricots, and even grapefruits. Even berries are important and can be included in your diet too.


What Is The Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet, And Which Foods To Eat? Food List and Alkaline Diet Rules

Nuts are great if you have just started your alkaline diet. These can be taken in small quantities as your evening snack. Just roast them slightly to enhance their flavor and nutrition. Nuts are loaded with good fats and help in maintaining alkalinity in the body. Some of the best nuts options you can choose are almonds, chestnuts, cashews, etc.

Ginger, garlic, and onions

Cooking all over the world comprises of three major ingredients, which are ginger, garlic, and onion. Other than boosting the flavor of food and enhancing its taste, these are alkaline as well. Therefore, you can add these in your alkaline diet in various forms. For example, use small pods of garlic in your toasts in the morning; add some ginger to make ginger tea and add onions to your salads. Onions, when eaten raw with your meals, prevent fungal infections and boots your metabolism as well.

Apart from the above, you can also consume tofu and even legumes like lentils, pulses, etc. Each of the foods listed has incredible uses and its benefits are instantly seen in your body! These are low in acid, thus naturally restoring body nourishment!

What Are The Benefits Of Switching To An Alkaline Diet?

What Is The Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet, And Which Foods To Eat? Food List and Alkaline Diet Rules

As of now, the ingredients of what is in an alkaline diet are clear. Every food you take has some positive effects on the body. Most basic research suggests that an alkaline diet not only improves health but prevents the attack of viral infections too. Therefore, let us ponder over some of the health benefits of switching to alkaline diet:

  • It aids weight loss

While there are lots of diet plans to follow for weight loss, the alkaline diet has proved its superiority various times. Losing weight is possible only when you consume a lower amount of calories. Thus, alkaline foods boost your health and aid weight loss. Since you take fewer amounts of carbohydrates, the body is using the stored fat as energy. The alkaline foods you eat restore your body nourishment and help you with internal cleansing. Since this diet is extremely calorie deficit, your body tends to lose those extra pounds fast and quick.

  • Improves the functioning of kidneys

When you eat too much meat and dairy, your body tends to become too acidic. This can reduce the PH levels and results in the birth of chronic diseases. In extreme cases, your kidney doesn’t function properly too. Therefore, when you shift to an alkaline diet, your body is getting fewer amounts of carbohydrates and only fewer proteins. This restores the normal functioning of the kidneys and promotes blood circulation.

  • Prevents cancer

Another important aspect of dealing with the alkaline diet is its ability to prevent cancer. Once you reduce your meat intake with fresh fruits and vegetables, your body automatically tends to clean itself. Since you consume more amounts of Vitamins and Minerals, it results in reducing the risk of cancer in the body. It is therefore beneficial, to consume more raw fruits and greens to avoid cancer risk!

  • Prevents heart diseases

You tend to have hurt burn if more and more acidic foods are consumed. Red meat, alcohol and fried foods cause several heart issues along with increasing acidity in the body. When you start your alkaline diet, your body starts to rejuvenate, thereby preventing itches and burns. It raises alkaline levels in your body and prevents heart ailments from taking place. Thus, when in your alkaline diet, makes sure that you do not consume any meat or alcohol in the process!

  • Improves hormones in the body

One of the major reasons for hormonal imbalance in the body is the result of high acidity. When you have switched to an alkaline diet, the body starts producing growth hormones. It improves memory, cognition levels and helps in dealing with major body issues. When you eat too many acidic foods, the hormonal imbalance in the body promotes several infectious diseases. Thus, an alkaline diet infuses major body goals and helps in hormonal balance to promote a good-quality life.

  • Prevents back pain

What Is The Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet, And Which Foods To Eat? Food List and Alkaline Diet Rules

Acidic food consumption can lead to various side effects. For example, excessive eating of red meats and wine can contribute to back pain. Therefore, if you want to lower down your symptoms of back pain, it is essential to have alkaline-rich foods in your diet.

  • Takes care of osteoporosis

You must have seen old people having weak bones. With age, bones do get fragile. However, if you are starting to have bone fractures, it is known as osteoporosis. This happens when the body is too acidic and is low in calcium levels. The case of osteoporosis affects both old men and women. Therefore, when you switch to an alkaline diet, your bones to receive enough nutrients to build their porosity. This prevents osteoporosis and other bone issues. It promotes bone growth, strength and eve muscle health. However, too-low protein in your diet can lead to osteoporosis as well. Therefore, when in an alkaline diet, make sure that you have your vegetables and legumes to balance your protein intake.

  • Promotes healthy muscle growth

Another important aspect of the alkaline diet is its ability to promote muscle growth. If you are looking to improve your muscle texture, eat more alkaline-rich foods to notice the changes in your muscles. A significant study proved that individuals who resorted to the alkaline diet had more muscle mass than the others.

Thus, with every alkaline food you take, there is an improved change in your body, which is highly positive.

Bursting Certain Myths About The Alkaline Diet:

What Is The Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet, And Which Foods To Eat? Food List and Alkaline Diet Rules

Every diet plan has certain myths, because of which individuals tend to be afraid to adopt them. However, if you want to improve your health, you must pick some plans like the alkaline diet to see the difference. Since the main aim of the alkaline diet is to raise alkaline levels in the body, let us look at some myths that should be busted about this diet routine.

  1. Alkaline foods do not change the PH levels: A major myth of alkaline foods is that it changes the PH levels. Well, to be honest, too much acidic food consumption can lead to an increase in the PH levels in the body. Therefore, to bring it back to normal, you must have alkaline foods to even it out. Every alkaline diet aims at balancing out the PH and not changing it!
  2. Alkaline foods are of no use for the kidneys: Alkaline foods help in cleaning the kidneys of excessive toxins. The entire filtration system of the body is improved, along with regulating the bloodstream as well. You can get rid of chronic kidney conditions with the help of an alkaline diet. Therefore, in one way, alkaline foods do help in cleaning the kidneys!
  3. What is alkaline water? Alkaline water has a PH of 9.5. It is recommended that alkaline water must be consumed in lower amounts and only when required. It isn’t bad for your health but promotes better living conditions. However, if you start drinking alkaline water daily, you can have nausea and even diarrhea.
  4. Can weight loss happen? Here’s to a weight loss fact. The alkaline diet mainly comprises of foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, since you are restricting all animal products and dairy, weight loss is bound to take place. Since you are consuming low-calorie foods, you can expect to lose a few pounds quickly. Alkaline food detoxifies your body as well and your internal system goes through a thorough cleaning activity.

How Does a Typical Alkaline Diet Routine Look Like?

A typical alkaline diet consists of the following plan, which is nutritionist-approved:

  1. You must always start the day with a glass of warm water, with a tinge of lemon.
  2. For breakfast, you should have multi-grain bread with some tossed up garlic, some almond milk, and one seasonal fruit.
  3. For a mid-day snack, you can again have some seasonal fruit of your choice. You can have some juice as well. Make sure the juice is freshly made and not processed.
  4. For lunch, have stir-fried vegetables, consisting of root vegetables and green leafy vegetables. You can make some salad too and toss it with some olive oil.
  5. For an afternoon snack, it is always recommended to have a handful of nuts. You can opt for any nuts of your choice.
  6. For dinner, you may have vegetable soup.

Always try to have your dinner by 7 at night. Do not eat anything after dinner. Repeat the same routine the next day. You can switch your recipes and make something new every day!

The Final Conclusion On The Alkaline Diet:

What Is The Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet, And Which Foods To Eat? Food List and Alkaline Diet Rules

Since now you are aware of what is alkaline diet, you must now assess whether it is worth it or not. In simple terms, every alkaline food is healthy and nutritious. It aims at promoting healthy muscle growth and balances out the acidic levels in the body. The body might show any significant changes in the first two weeks of your diet. With time, you will notice your results and will be thankful.

Major studies have shown that reducing protein intake in the body has reduced the occurrence of chronic diseases. Therefore, when switching to the alkaline diet, make sure that you consult your dietician to prepare your diet chart. It should include food from all groups so as to maintain the balance.

Thus, the reliability of showcasing the impressive results of the alkaline diet varies from person to person. Therefore, you should have patience and complete faith in your body to keep track of the changes.

Do not forget to discuss every diet with your doctor. And instead of any strict diet try to just use common sense and eat healthier – if you can do that you won’t need any schedule or diet plan because it will come naturally.