When You Feel Breast Pain – Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt


Breast development is considered to be a life-long lasting thing until a woman reaches menopause. The first changes and breast pain come during your teenage years. But throughout your life, you have to deal with many changes and possible issues with your dynamic duo. Also, there are lots of aspects influencing how your boobs feel, if they hurt, if they grow or if they are smaller than usual. However, the organism of women is stronger and more durable compared to men females face lots of troubles with their boobs every single day that their guys have completely no idea about.

Breasts belong to one of the most sensitive organs in the body of a woman. And therefore, you should know about all possible boobs changes and pains you can deal with. Our bodies are different but we all desire to have nice and healthy boobs for a long time. Let’s unveil some common breast facts that are completely normal, related to age, lifestyle, a season of a year, or some of them which need immediate consultations with your doctor.

When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt

Importance of Breast Self-examination

At first, it’s more than important to mention the self-examination of your breasts. Every woman should take care of her breast to keep them healthy and in good condition and stay away from a possible situation when the boobs hurt. The breast self-examination is supposed to be done every month after your period ends. Start with visual changes. Look into a mirror in a stand-up position with relaxed arms by sides and double-check the shape, color, and nipples. Slowly put your left arm on a hip and move back and forth and try to observe any changes. Put your left arm on your head and use your fingers on a right hand to slowly examine the entire breast. Start in an armpit and move to a nipple. There are two types of movements you should apply to do it properly. The first one is round movement inward toward a nipple and the second one is focusing on up and downwards. In the next step, lie down on a pillow directly under your back. No worries, it’s not so bad for a while. Focus on repeating all of the previous movements even with your arm on your head. For the last step, you need to stand up and press the tissue around the nipple. If there is no abnormal discharge it’s fine then. Switch sides and keep going with the second breast.

Always keep in mind that the early detection of any problem is fundamental. Don’t underestimate breast self-examination and also visit your gynecologist every year. Your health is number one and your boobs will be grateful for all of the attention of them.

When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt

Is The Lump On My Breast Related To Cancer?

Observing your breasts to notice significant changes is mandatory. Sometimes, you may feel your breasts to be lumpy. But all lumps in breasts are not indicative of cancer. The best way is to double-check the abnormality during your cycle before starting to panic. If you aren’t sure you can always go for a medical check-up to find out if it is normal or not. However, if your menstrual cycle is near, do check if the lumps continue to persist. Some of the lumps can cause huge discomfort and your boobs might start to get hurt as well. In this situation, you must seek an appointment and know the reason behind the issue. Don’t underestimate any lump issue.

Do Breasts Hurt While Growing?

If you are a young girl and feel a slight pain in your breasts, this means that the breasts are growing. Breasts tend to sore up while growing. This is the natural reaction of the hormones in the body. Both estrogens as well as progesterone help in your body to start the development. When a girl reaches the stage of puberty, the level of these two hormones increase. Therefore, your breast growing slowly is just a simple reaction to these hormones and natural changes related to age. However, if you feel any white pus oozing out of your nipples during this stage, you must consult the doctor. Even cases of extreme breast sensitivity are a major concern and should be consulted with your gynecologist.When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt

Are Both The Breasts Of The Same Size?

Breast is supposed to be a dual organ like your kidneys or simply feet and therefore, they can’t be in the same size. If you have ever measured your feet you know that they are not similar. One of them is bigger than the second one. It’s completely normal. Of course, some women can observe that one of the boobs is smaller or bigger than the other one and the difference is significantly visible. This is a possible effect that can’t influence your health however the non-symmetry can influence your social life. You will be surprised how many women deal with this visible problem. If the difference in sizes between both breasts is big you can consult it with your doctor and discuss the possibility of cosmetic reduction.

What Are The Major Breast Changes You Can Feel?

You may have this question in your mind and what to know why your boobs hurt, look bigger or just feel different. This is all because of certain changes in the female body during life and period cycle. And unfortunately, not only your period has an impact on breast changes. At an early stage of your life, the common signs of boob’s development are as follows:

  • Your boobs might have small lumps usually located near or under the nipples.
  • Possibility of itchiness near to the breasts and nipples. Even the chest might itch as well.
  • Breasts are too tender and nipples are sore.
  • Constant backaches and slight nausea.
  • Sharp pain during any kind of sport when your boobs are moving more than usual.

When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt
Dangerous Symptoms Indicating You Should See Your Doctor

There are various situations that you should not ignore and issues related to the female breasts need special attention. If you have already had a lump in your boobs and it gets nastier and bigger, it is time for immediate doctor treatment. If you notice small red spots, it can really be an infection. Regarding the sensitivity of boobs, it’s always better to consult the symptoms with a gynecologist. Therefore, contact the doctor when you notice the following symptoms:

  • A milky white discharge from the nipples.
  • Excessive breast swelling.
  • Irritated nipples, redness near to the nipples.
  • Pain in your breast is unknown and it lasts more than 3 days.
  • Inward nipples.

If you tend to reject any one of the above signs, you can put your life in danger. Your breasts and your health deserves your attention. Thus, make sure that you visit your doctor to receive the necessary treatments!

Major Causes Of Breasts Pain And Visible Changes

A lot of young as well as older women feel breast pain due to one or more reasons. It is not usually during breast development but after that stage. The major reason? Unfortunately, there isn’t the only one, but there are many of them. If you think your boobs’ pain is a less complex affair, you might be wrong about it. Also, breast enlargement at a later stage of a woman’s life occurs due to certain conditions. Therefore, let’s have a look at the common causes of breasts pain and visible changes:When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt

  1. Menstrual Cycle
    One of the major reasons why your boobs hurt, look bigger or just feel different is because of your menstrual cycle which can be divided into four phases – menstruation, follicular phase, ovulation, and luteal phase. During your period, your estrogens and progesterone hormone levels are quite high. This can make your breasts sensitive, you can also feel itchy pain or tension in your twins. They look bigger as well. After the period when entering the follicular phase, your boobs the levels of both hormones are on their minimum and the size of your cup is the smallest one of the month. After the ovulation, the body moves to the luteal phase and the amounts of female hormones are increasing again. Your breasts are full and you can feel the tension and pain in them. If you think that something is wrong with them, it’s much better to observe them during one full period cycle just to be sure it does not cause simply by the unstable level of hormones in your body.
  1. Fluctuating Hormones In Your Body
    Hormones are good for the body for regulating its normal functioning. Of course, if you’re experiencing the mediocre pain around your boobs and nipples, take note of your hormonal changes. Apart from your period days, your hormones can be the reason for constant breast pain and growth. Therefore, if you think that your hormones are out of control, visit an endocrinologist. Check out the hormone fluctuations in order to get in touch with the issue. Once, your hormones are in control, you would see the noticeable difference in your body.When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt
  1. Exercising As An Enemy Of Boobs
    Intense workout sessions are great for the body. Compare to many rumors of excessive damage to your breasts by lifting heavy weights at a gym, you can normally do this kind of exercise without dealing with any issue. The worse situation can happen for all of us when you’re jogging or doing any kind of sport where you move fast and your breasts have to move up and down. In this situation, the best way how to avoid painful boobs after an aerobic workout is to wear and comfortable sports bra with high impact support. Even the smallest breasts will be grateful for this kind of bra especially if you want to have a nicely shaped dynamic duo at a higher age. In this situation, the breast muscle tends to sore and you can develop certain changes. In the case, you will ignore wearing a high-quality sports bra appropriate to a kind of your favorite sport you can face damage to the breast shape and structure. And always keep in mind that sports bra have a shorter lifetime compared to your normal bra. The reason is they absorb lots of movements and keep your boobs close to the body. The material is burdened with a more intense force and you should buy a new bra every 6 or 8 months or sooner. It depends on the frequency of your activity.
  1. Weight Gain Or Weight Loss
    Another significant action that can be the reason for your breast pain and enlargement is weight gain or weight loss. Breast are consists of tissues and fat. If your breasts mainly consist of fatty cells then they tend to get bigger if your weight increases. You can feel pain and uncomfortable tension as the skin is tensioned. Therefore, if you have gained weight recently, then your breasts would look larger than before and you can feel some level of discomfort. A similar situation happens with smaller breasts. Weight loss can reduce the size and texture of your boobs. However, the size of a cup and ratio of tissue and fat differs from woman to woman. It simply means that not all women experience large boobs with weight gain and vice versa. This condition is totally normal and is not of major concern. It is just the fatty cells and tissues in the boobs that burn off once you start to lose that excess weight.When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt
  1. Nipples Hate Cold Weather
    Many women know that. You have to go to work during cold weather. But however, you are dressed very precisely and wear only warm clothes, you can feel pain when you’re outside or after coming in. The problem is that your breasts are very sensitive and though you feel comfortable in the clothes your boobs can’t agree with you. If you suffer from this problem and your boobs hurt often in the winter, you should protect your gems. Try padded bra or twist a warm scarf around them under your cardigan.  The basic rule is to avoid the cold air to get on your boobs. If there is any situation you would have to go outside for a while only in a T-shirt, it’s better to take a warm jacket. Your boobs need to protected and even a very short time can contribute to your cold breast pain.
  1. Insect Wants To Bite Your Boob
    Insect bites are also one of the most common phenomena for larger and inflated breasts. When insects tend to bite female breasts, they leave a sore mark. This can increases to an infection, leading to a small red spot. Unfortunately, this further can cause breast pain. However, insects such as spider bites can be treated very easily, unless and until it is not poisonous. The spot in the boob can be cured by antibiotics or disinfection. If you had a poisonous insect bite, you should definitely catch up with your doctor for the necessary treatments!When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt
  1. Alcohol Can Be Dangerous
    If you ask a question of why your boobs hurt or look different, then the major reason can be your drinking habits. Have you ever thought that alcohol can contribute to breast pain? Well, alcohol has an adverse effect on your breast health. New studies have revealed that too much alcohol consummation can occur as one of the aspects helping to develop the cancer risk. Females who restricted their alcohol consumption had lesser boob tenderness, pain, and swelling. The risk of breast cancer in case you are drinking too much can go up to 12%. Therefore, booze can endanger your life, if you want to promote breast health. And of course, another side effect of drinking alcohol seems to be to gain weight, which can, later on, increase your boob size. And discomfort related to tension in breasts. Therefore, it’s much better to avoid drinking or at least drink responsibly.When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt
  1. Congratulation, You’re Pregnant
    Pregnancy is supposed to be one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. Although the experience is overwhelming, pregnant women might experience bodily changes that are not pleasant at all. Apart from the cute baby bump, women also experience larger breasts and pain near the nipples, heaviness and of course tension. You can also deal with visible veins on your boobs and sometimes it can happen it’s hard even to touch as your boobs hurt. However, all the changes that the female body goes through during the pregnancy phases, help later in breastfeeding. During pregnancy, the blood vessels, lobules, and milk glands tend to swell up and expand. Your breast is growing and you’re getting a bigger cup. This contributed to tender breasts. Although there is nothing to be afraid of, you can consult your doctor if the pain continues for longer time periods. If your breasts feel heavy, embrace the change and wear the right pregnancy bra to lift your boobs and avoid pain not only in breasts but also in your back.When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt
  1. Sexual activities
    One of the major factors that contribute to possible changes in the breasts is intensive sexual and physical intimacy. The female body responds to the hormones and this makes the breasts more sore and tender. This is completely normal and is not concerning at all. However, if you feel too much pain while having sex, you must get a quick check-up done. If your boobs start gaining prominence during the act, stay assured that the hormones are doing their job. It’s proven that during the sexual intercourse the clitoris and nipple stimulation work on the same basis to contribute to orgasm. Nevertheless, the sexual excitement causes the nipple to be perky and it’s required to stimulate them responsibly because you can hurt yourself easily.When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt
  1. You’re a mommy and breastfeed a baby
    After pregnancy, breastfeeding is an important stage that must be enjoyed and loved regarding the significant importance for your baby. After delivering the baby, your breasts stay prepared to breastfeed the kid. Prolactin in your boobs is the main hormone that produces the milk. However, most mothers feel quite a lot of discomfort while breastfeeding. This can be related to too much stress as well. It is advised to touch your breasts and feel if there is any pain or not. Take care of your nipples and wash them very carefully to avoid any kind of inflammation which can result in high fever and nausea endangering you and your kid. It’s always advised to use a nursing pad for milking the baby for extra support. In case, your breasts still pain after 6 to 8 months, consult your doctor for appropriate remedies. Don’t underestimate this trouble.
  1. A side effect of certain medications
    A certain amount of medicines also contributes to breast pain. Mostly, if women consume diabetic tablets, one of the major side effects you can observe are swollen boobs. This can be improved and controlled by a different medicine. Another significant factor that can be issued is to resort to natural remedies to take care of the boobs and your diabetes. On the other hand, if you are taking anti-depressant drugs, your boobs might face slight issues related to swollenness and larger size. Therefore, keeping these remedies to a minimum is always a great idea to take up.  In this way, your boobs will feel better and so will your entire body!When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt
  1. Wake up with your caffeine addiction
    Just like alcohol, caffeine is also responsible for breast pain and tenderness, however, many women still ignore the symptoms or the possibility so far. It’s true that coffee can improve your mood, you can feel fresh and ready for work. But it is in one way affecting your breasts. Therefore, it is always recommended to limit your caffeine consumption to 1 cup a day. Caffeine can also lead to irregularity in periods and can worsen certain conditions in the female body. in order to stay healthy and promote positive breast health, always be careful with your coffee habits and replace your coffee addiction with other healthy drinks.
  1. No kids yet, I’m taking birth control
    Apart from certain drugs, birth control pills are also responsible for pain in the breasts. This issue is not rare and is affecting 6 out of 10 women every day. The level of amount of estrogen differs according to your pills but some of them have high levels and it results in hormonal imbalance in a female body. Apart from pain near to the breasts, the woman can observe difficulty in walking, too. Another very unpleasant symptom is suffering from candidiasis in your body. All sorts of side effects can contribute to weak health issues. It is always advised to consult everything with your doctor about the options in hand. Stay away from the intake of birth control and change of them can help with the pain and improve breast structure as well!When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt
  1. The bra as your bestie and enemy as well
    One of the major reasons as to why you may have breast pain is because of your bra. Do you think it’s ridiculous? Definitely not. To find an appropriate bra that sits like a glove and allows you a high level of comfort it’s very difficult. If your bra is too tight, your breasts might feel too itchy and painful for a touch. An ill-fitted bra is a sure-shot reason for your pain. In other words, if you wear a wrong bra, the tissues in your boobs swell up. Even tight wired bras can cause pain in a quite uncomfortable manner. In order to maintain the size of your bust, it is mandatory that you wear the perfectly fitting bra with the right size. You must carefully analyze the quality of the bra in order to prevent rashes or discomfort.
    Researchers have also claimed that poor-quality inner-wear can lead to skin rashes. Thus, to support the breasts and prevent pain and excess enlargement, it is always advisable to wear the right bra. Especially when your boobs are larger, you need some extra support. Therefore, having a comfortable bra is necessary to prevent boob sagging, too.
  1. Breast implants
    If you have done a boob job lately to lift it up or reduce its size, then some side effects are bound to occur. Implants tend to reduce the boob tissues and make them firmer. Since women want their breasts to be large and therefore, excess tissues are added to make it look big. One of the most common occurrences of abnormalities after implants is breast pain. The breast pain can last up to 12 months and lots of women swear they had to take pain killers. If it doesn’t seem to go after some time, consult your surgeon as soon as possible for a permanent solution! The doctor simply uses a mammogram to take a look at your breasts to take note of the results of the implant!When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt
  1. A major infection
    When your boobs hurt, one of the major reasons that can be related to the issue is infections. Infections can occur internally as well as externally. The tissues in the breast are quite sensitive as we all know. Once, the infection occurs, it spreads quickly, harming the structure of the boobs. You can relate to your soreness and your breast pain to this condition as well. Infections must be healed and treated soon in order to prevent excessive pain in the future. Therefore, it is advised that you trace the origin of this infection for better treatment initiatives!
  1. Excessive stress
    Stress is yet again another important aspect that can cause your boobs to be large and quite painful. Stress in the female body can be caused by various reasons. But unknowingly, you are creating an additional issue to your breasts, too. During a stress situation, our bodies are producing a big number of the hormone cortisol and it can influence our dynamic twins. If you stress out too much, your hormones would start to fluctuate too much. This can lead to larger breasts and changes in breast texture. Emotional stress can also lead to breast pain and can aggravate if you do not treat the condition with care. Therefore, to keep your boobs healthy, you can opt for certain stress management programs in order to prevent further breast pain issues.When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt
  1. The final stage of menopause
    Breasts consist of sensitive tissues and their size is influenced by the level of hormone estrogen during a life. Average women tend to have their menopause around the age of 50 to 55 years. After getting over your menopause the level of estrogen is very low, however, your breast should be smaller than before the menopause, this state never happens. Why? For women over 50, it’s completely normal to gain weight regarding the lack of physical activity and a lower amount of muscle mass. Unfortunately, getting weight after menopause is linked to a possible risk of breast cancer. Therefore, women might feel that their breasts are becoming heavier but are quite a normal affair. As the hormones start to get back to normal, the tenderness subsides and the boobs regain its normal size. To avoid saggy breasts you should do regular exercising and wear a bra with a good impact.When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt

Natural Treatment You Can Use When Your Boobs Hurt

Since there are some natural treatments for breast pain, the research shows that certain lifestyle changes and natural medications can relive women from breast pain and enlarged breasts. Therefore, some of the most effective treatments to be taken up are as follows:

  • Compressing your boobs with hot water when it is hurting too much can reduce the pain.
  • If you are wearing a tight bra, make sure that you check your fittings. Buy only high-quality and good bras that fit the boobs perfectly. You can ask for professional help to get the right size or other tips on how to choose it as well.
  • Women can opt for relaxation and massage therapies to deal with breast pain. Therapists control the pain by promoting small exercises to get rid of stress and anxiety. The severity of pain starts to dissolves and naturally, the pain vanishes
  • If your boobs look different lately, then blame it for your coffee or alcohol addiction. Women who drink too much coffee or alcohol can significantly have tender breasts. Caffeine addiction has contributed to larger breasts too and therefore, you must limit the drinks to moderate only.
  • If you are suffering from excessive breast pain, it is time that you pay attention to your diet as well. Consider a low-fat routine, and avoid excess dairy. Women have significantly less pain once they have changed their diet plans and lifestyle as well.
  • If pain further stays, you need professional medical help from your doctor!When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt

Common Ways On How To Detect Breast Pain

Doctors use highly sophisticated means and instruments to detect the type of boob problem women have to face. Thus, common tests conducted for evaluating the health condition of the breasts are as follows:

  • A clinical test can examine the type of pain you are having. The doctor checks the muscles and the tissues near the boob to watch out for lumps. Our gynecologist also analyses the underarm area for determining unusual scarring or redness. Once the issue is diagnosed, a suitable treatment is suggested and the cure can start.
  • Doctors also take the help of a mammogram to feel the breast tissue. This method concentrates more on the exterior of the boobs and evaluates it. An X-ray is then conducted to detect the internal signs of breast pain. Necessary treatments are initiated once the problem pops up.
  • Usually, for breast pain, ultrasound is one of the major ways to see the image of the boobs and detect the problem. Such a method can reflect on the size of your boobs too. Once your ultrasound results are out, treatments can be started off to normalize the breasts again.
  • A biopsy is also one of the great tools to detect any boobs issue, both internal and external. The doctors use this method to examine the breasts fully, taking small images to understand the major issue. The analysis results can then call for necessary remedies and cure.When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt

Medical Treatments For Painful Boobs And Other Issues

Apart from natural remedies, women can directly visit their doctors to resolve the breast problem. Some of the most common recommendations are as follows:

  • Using anti-inflammatory tablets
    A good way to erase breast pain is to take anti-inflammatory tablets. If your boobs have swelled up or there is a slight infection, these tablets will do the needful to help you. There are certain creams available too that can reduce the pain slowly and gradually. But, these things are a temporary solution and if you have and inflammation you should definitely visit your doctor as soon as you can.
  • Changing of a birth control pills brand
    Since hormonal and birth control pills can lead to tenderness and pain around the breast area, it is essential to stop taking them or change a brand you are used to using. Some birth controls can excessively contribute to breast tenderness. Therefore, such pills must be avoided at all costs. However, there are special hormonal pills available for breast pain, which the doctor issues on special recommendations. These pills must be taken only under strict guidance.
  • Prescribed medications
    Apart from birth control pills, there are certain drugs available for treating excessive breast pain. These are yet again recommended to women under the strict and secured guidance of an experienced doctor. Every medicine must be taken on time to avoid any kind of side-effect.When You Feel Breast Pain - Possible Causes Why Boobs Hurt

The Final Conclusion Of Female Breast Pain:

The reason for breast pain, tenderness, swelling, and redness is not common for all women. But every woman had to face some health issues during her life. Whatever factor contributes to your boob issue, make sure that you treat it well and also you don’t underestimate any symptoms. Always it’s much better to visit your gynecologist to double-check the possible troubles and find out it’s nothing than to come late for any type of treatment. Switch to a healthy diet to avoid other body issues. If your problem isn’t fatal and the doctor allows you to do it try to switch to natural remedies. Doctors during your treatment will also assess the situation of breast cancer and its related symptoms. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep track of your medical records to avoid any harmful and complicated breast situation. We all desire to have nicely shaped and healthy breasts for a long time, and therefore, we should work on it.